I almost forgot about Weedle's Community Day

I almost forgot about the Community Day. I legit thought it was tomorrow. Plus, yesterday, I went for a walk and since it was a long walk, my right ankle hurts like hell, and some guy in a Black Mustang kept harassing me, while walking back to my apartment, for no reason (probably because I’m a girl). I was NOT in the mood to go for a walk, so I did the community day at my Apartment and…

It’s better than Seedot’s community day??? I found more shiny Weedle than I thought I would and also:

That stardust amount (now it’s around 60,000. I’m farming stardust and I’ll farm some candies for Garchomp, after Articuno finds a candy)

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I found less shinies…still, they’re all beedrill now.

Gratz for shiny and dust!

I found 26 shiny, new record, however played 5 h farming 300 k dust.

But i would not reccomend power up Slaking :smiley:

Don’t worry, I won’t. I just wanted to show off the stardust amount

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