I am a happy sponge! (Fire Blast is gone!)




But I’m still not ready for the Admins. I just need Scizor to get to a CP of at least 2500 or higher and THEN I’ll be ready.

Edit: I powered up Scizor, and this is the best I could do…

I’m unsure if Night Slash is good on Scizor, but… Blah.

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It’s not terrible. Scizor is used to burn shields and Night Slash is fast

I’ll still wait, until Scizor has a higher CP. Tyranitar is okay for now at 3429.

You done good. Scizor with NS is killer in PVP. My :100: has that moveset and isn’t near the CP of yours and still demolishes grunts. Plus, Night Slash. Basically the coolest name for a move that isn’t “Draco Meteor”, which wins since its literally a dragon meteor.

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