I am a very indecisive person [POLL]

I have 200k feathers. I also have units I would like to build. A lot of them, in fact. And I am a very indecisive person.

So, that’s where you come in. Help me decide which unit I should build. You can vote for which is best (FEH duel sim results provided; details in bold) or just which character is your favorite (much more interesting; I already know which unit is best).

None of these units are meta
I just wanna build them cause I like them; I know they all suck and most have gen 1 shit bst.

Builds and duel sim results provided below (duel sim is against the hard list):


Haha ~40 true damage go brrr is the only idea I had with this build.
The results?

Unit initiates, starts at 50% HP for wrath effect to work

Was actually kinda shocked at how good this was; sadly Fir is actually one of the units I am least interested in building from this current list.


Talk about terrible stats. Would be useless if not for adaptive damage weapon.

Believe it or not, the spd refine actually performed better in the duel sim than her PRF refine.

Challenger initiates, no other modifiers

This was another where I was shocked at how well she did.


What’s an inheritable sword lol? :catcry:
Options limited. Went with a hit and run because I couldn’t think of anything else (considered ninja katana+galeforce, but sub 50 attack is painful, and even with all the speed he can get doubling is still questionable)

Very meh build, very meh results. Why you gotta do Seth so dirty?

Challenger initiates; no other conditions


Would also have vantage, but this did noticeably better in the duel sim

This one has a lot of set up, since he’s meant to be used with Leila
Enemy initiates; -6 to all stats to simulate being smoked by Leila; partner S support away


I really would like to build her at some point, but I have no idea how. Staff units really just kinda suck.

This is possible, I guess. No duel sim provided since yeah she’s gonna suck no matter what I do. Also considered grabbing Tannenbaton from the codes, but I wanna go down another path first.

Finn, I guess?

I do want to build him eventually, just not sure if that eventually is now.

Anyway, he’s objectively the best unit here, so vote for him if you’re boring I guess (JK, he’s an awesome guy; I just also feel like building other units; also it turns out Fir actually got two more kills in the duel sim than he did anyway)

Once in despo range he outperforms a build using a/d trace, so I’m keeping it for another unit
Challenger Initiates; in desperation range

Poll time:

  • Fir
  • Felicia
  • Seth
  • Matthew
  • Serra
  • Finn

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Meme aside, I would choose Finn as usual because he is cool and fast brave weapons are perfect, at least for me


Jokes on you then, because he’s actually out performed by Fir in the duel sim :feh_bkhaha:

which was the litmus test to see if you actually looked at the builds


I used grails to get the first 2 copies of Finn because I started playing too late to get the free copies IS gave ages ago, mine is +1 and he is a solid unit, dual phase brave weapon is one of the best effects and Im heavily considering making him +10 despite the expensive grail cost.


Well it is based on people’s opinion and I say Finn
Thought as stated before I’m also a very indecisive person


I gave mine atk/spd solo 3 and galeforce and he doesnt need a blade effect, he quads many units.


Honestly haven’t built a grail unit in so long I don’t care about the cost (also I do have the free copies, so it’s not a big deal; missing the forma which was a long time ago hurts though)


Galeforce is interesting, but is outperformed by Luna in the duel sim. Of course, GF has way more versatility, while Luna is restricted to combat against a single unit.


but tbh at the time his forma came there werent many of the good skills that he could make use nowdays, for example the spd/def trace pirate naesala of the normal 3.


Another option would be dragon fang and try to boost his atk.
But it was sad doing 0x8 damage to Letizia in the lunatic maps of story mode.


Albeit much older


I didn’t say it was creative, just fun.

I also have the classic double brazen+wrath build on my OG Lyn, so I know it works.


I may never be on the winning option but I’ll always choose Seth :fgo_ereshlove:


Tbh unbound blade is the best inheritable sword for any sword unit, and It can make Seth a viable option, I have seen some with that and surge sparrow, he can be almost as good as he used to be in SS with skill inheritance.


I really do want to build all of these units one day, so sooner or later it will be his turn (maybe when we get more inheritable swords… :catcry:)


Yeah unbound blade is great.

It’s also easy to get, being in the normal pool on a demote like unbound axe and lance…

Oh wait. No it isn’t. It’s 5* locked.

God I hate IS.


I got pity broken by Annand twice so, I gave one to Eyvel and makes her amazing, the other is a manual waiting for a right wielder.



I voted Felicia just because bias, but Finn seems like the best choice, he’s a great guy and also he’s gotten well treated with his refine, being actually good (and also that you got the free copies and resources for the merges). I’d build him but I already got a lot of projects :feh_ohgod: thankfully I should be +10ing Ninja Shamir in about a week or two.

I went for a build similar to yours though more niche (haven’t tried it much yet since I updated it very recently), need a +att copy and perhaps switching back to her weapon with speed refine, her refine is sadly relatively old and by extension not great, but the adaptive damage is welcome.


I was hoping more people would do that, TBH.

I know Finn’s the best unit here (though as I said he is outperformed in the duel sim by Fir), but I really don’t care about who the best unit is (otherwise everyone other than Finn wouldn’t even be on this list, all being pretty bad units by today’s standards)