I am dishonour

I used the power of powercrepes to finish the last of my GC run.

And I didn’t even make T25. :D


imao that was fcken braindead no wonder y’all be sayin’ shit like pVe iS eAsY

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MMMM Crepes


Screenshot_20201130-233621_Fire Emblem Heroes
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I had 8 lances left so it wasn’t a big deal but still annoying


Hi dishonour! :catwave:


That happened to me once after I used all my lances :feh_morganagrom:

It hurt


Where’s my one ■■■■■■■ orb.


That’s gotta hurt


I thought the title said Dinosaur


I never get T25.
I find this mode so annoying, even the weekly mode where you get 1 orb and work like this is annoying.
But I have to admit the regards are pretty good (specially feathers, I got like 6000 feathers at the end of first round? What the hell)

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It gets a little tedious having to play so many times, and actually having to think through. At least something like Trials feels a lot more automatic, in the sense that you’re kind of autopiloting with your stronger characters.

I’m saying it felt far far easier and less of a chore to completely those last 5 Tiers towards the final hours, and it’s because I have plenty of friends with +10 new broken units, like DC Mareeta, Pirate Tibarn, etc. There’s also stuff like Brave Celica and Tailtiuiuiuiu and Hel Robin that really hold up, but still.

@Galaxia9 Has a super disgusting Horse Laegjarn to.

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I am very proud of my Goddess Horse Laegjarn.

As she was brought up, I can’t not take the opportunity to show her off.

And I’m familiar with the same tiny sliver keeping me from the last orb. The new FEH day started at 7am so was up early to get a last battle done with the overnight stamina refill only for every area to already be knocked out.

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I would have made her +Def. :D

I considered Def and Spd on her but I took the view that she’s got enough defence with all the skills and hopefully Spd/Def Solo seal someday. Mass duel showed little difference in outcomes any way and the 52 attack bugged me. This way, I can think she’s half way to 60 rather than basically 50. Flimsy reasoning perhaps but I’m happy with where my first batch of trait fruits went.

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What calculations do you even run on Mass Duel? This “Hard List”? I don’t think there’s an AR like builds thing yet.

I think I was 1 lance short from Tier 25 :catroll:
Should have paid more attention to GC. Ah well, RIP 1 orb :feh_orb::skull_and_crossbones:


Just that. I know it’s not a wholly realistic list of enemies but as a general idea of whether some setup is miles better it’s good enough I feel. If 20 wins or losses swung around there’d be an obvious choice but only 2-3 moved each way depending on the IV. Gaining 3 points in a stat isn’t too big after all the skills, though there will always be occasions when the other choice would win a fight.

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I never took the calculators at face value. They put too much emphasis on that single battle (okay you can extend the phases but whaetver), but stuff like that puts too much value on +Atk builds,which don’t always translate the same into a real battle. This doesn’t take into account how many enemies there are and their positioning, which are real factors.

While something like a +Atk Henry might win more individual battles, something like +Def/Res is a lot better because it basically translates to 6 less Dmg taken (3x2) a lot of the time, and that’s assuming he isn’t taking on more than one single enemy . I honestly never use +Atk unless it’s like a Brave weapon build or rare cases like Eremiya who has enough of other stats as it is.

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