I am low-key tempted to summon Fionn

Well, I just got Lancer Alter from burning a few tickets…
Amazing how things work, though that means that my carefully made choice is kinda up in thin air.

And while I have some solid ideas of whom to pick instead (Like Li Shuwen, Wu Zetian, Nero or Caster Lily. Or just NP upping Emiya or Lancelot)

A small voice in my head said:
“What if you just pick Fionn? Nobody uses Fionn, Nobody likes Fionn. Why not you? Hell you could train Diarmund while your at it and make the duo your low tier meme team!”

Ofc, I know the lot of you are likely to support meme picks but I just wanna ask…
How bad is Fionn?
I have plenty of Arts support mind you, and some quick support as well (Caster Gil can do a bit of both)
So tell me, has Fionn hope of seeing some use?

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In JP Fionn is actually usable. With his buffs he is able to NP loop there. It will take a while for NA though.


Yeah, his lower CD + NP charge.

Related question:
Is his evade at level 10 just a normal evade?
Just wanna make sure of that (still a horribe CD)

I think it is but don’t quote me on that. I haven’t leveled his skills yet.

My reading is that, at 10, it functions as any other evade, yes - with taunt on top, which can have its own uses.

Which blue power can you bring along for him, foxy/wizard Gil/Mozart/Paracelsus/Boudica/all of them? Given his self-buff you should be able to produce some interesting numbers, even more so once additional NP-levels for him arrive.

Also, regarding his BF Dia, totes in favor of that. I am considering raising that lad myself

I have Caster Gil and Tamamo, so support for arts especially could be arranged.
And I have some art/crit focussed servants that could work well alongside him (even if they’re not lancers)
Like the Emiya trio and Lancelot.

So it’s not a total random pick.

Hell, pairing him up with Diarmund seems like not that terrible of a choice at least for having some fun.
Both have QQAAB decks allowing for nice chains and they both survive quite well and have star gen boosting skills.

In my mind now Li Shuwen is the biggest other option (pretty much all my lancers are buster/quick focusses, so I kinda want an arts one)

Pick Nero with me, Coffee, you know you want to :eyes:


Small thing holding me back from that:
I have Bride Nero and Mordred.
So getting OG Nero isn’t that needed for both gamplay and collecting.

Like I said, Li Shuwen is the other choice I concider. But I could still go Nero.
Gah I suck at this.


Ohh I didn’t realize you had both Bride Nero and Mordred (you suck I want them both). I guess you wouldn’t need OG Nero then. I’ve personally been extremely tempted by Lancelot because he’s just so awesome. Didn’t realize this would be as tough of a choice as it is

Shuwen’s damage is impressive and he’s story-locked, so now’s a great time to get a copy.

Fionn will eventually spook.


I’m getting blessed with Sabers and Casters usually.
Don’t want to flex too much, but I kinda do at the same time.

Yeah this is very much a smart vs meme thing
In reality I should just go Shuwen, especially given the story locked thing.

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Alternatively, go Medusa Lily and get ST lancer along with adorableness. No arts coverage there, but she does get major cutie points. Hell, if I wasn’t in need of an assassin, I’d most likely get her. (And tbh I’m still considering it even though I already have really good lancer coverage, and will be gunning hardcore for Ereshkigal)

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I got spooked by Fionn a while ago but never leveled him up. I was also thinking about picking up Li Shuwen since he’s pretty much the only ST Arts Lancer we’ll see for a while. Then I’d have an Arts Lancer team! I’m still torn though. I could get Atalante for the Quick support (Hayami Saori ftw!), or I can get Gil For is his all around Arts support that I don’t have a ton of. Then the final option is to upgrade one of the servants I use a lot to NP2 to help with NP drain enemies and damage, or to get Herc to NP5. This free ticket is by far the hardest one so far

You’re hella true about it being hard

For me I think I’ll end up going with Li Shuwen.
His power and story locked status were already massive pointers
But me having all the materials I need to support Li, while lacking some stuff for Fionn was the final straw.

I’d say for you Gil might be a great choice
He’s not only got arts support, he also helps quick teams with his party wide gen buff. And Charisma is just a simple solid skill allround.

Yeah I’ll probably get him and then I’ll pick up Li the next time around