I am on a little problem

A friend is new on feh, but he want me everytime to build his 5* units, but now, he said me that he want to me to build a -Atk +Res, feathers or forrage not’s an option because he don’t want to kill any 5*, after I said that he have excellent forrage to that, he didn’t want it, so only 4* skills, I need buildd

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But what unit :catslam:

Exalted chrom

Wait, they’re wanting you to build all of their 5* units?

Only exalted chrom, that’s the only

That’s literally his worst IV’s but I made this.

You said that he doesn’t want to waste feathers so this is the build with low investment. Hone Cavalry from 4* Gunter and Reposition from Selena/Barst etc. Close Def for more bulk , she has high defense so he could serve him as a tank and if Chrom is at 100% hp he can reach 58atk and 42def and also36spd, ,maybe he can avoid doubles.

That’s perfect, now I Will try to Made him Enter here to don’t do this again, thanks

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Luck then :feh_rein:

Thanks, now i Will danceBlack%20Knight%20Dancing%202


That’s cruel :miststopbulli: