I am returning here once again for AR assistance

Ok so, a little while ago I made a thread asking for advice on what builds i should run for my light season team. Today, I am here with a dilemma about whether it would be better to use one unit over another I am currently running. Recently, I did some more work with my Joshua, as some of you may have seen. After doing some calculations, I have determined that right now, him and my OG Roy both fit a very similar spot for an AR team, with a stat line extremely comparable to each other. I want to see what you all think about these two, and who you think would be better to run in Light season. Once again, all blue stats have been calculated to fit any stat buffs (both in combat and visible buffs) that these units would be receiving from their own skills and outside support (peony, mila etc.).

Thank you all in advance.


Iā€™m no expert in any of these units but Audhulma > Unbound blade

Amazing Joshua btw


Ty! I take great pride in my boy :feh_reinyes:

and yeah, I really like the guard effect from Audhulma too much to want to get rid of it


Alright so it seems one person and one person only is saying that Joshua may be the better pick of the two.

Iā€™m gonna leave this here for a bit longer to see what anyone else might say