I apologize

I think I haven’t been constructive at all these days. I was so obfuscated that I began to flood the forum with nonsense full of rant, thinking I would leave anyway and acting carelessly without trying to offer anything to the conversation, be proof of it the Shinx lame spectacle of past week. No one wants to read a place filled with unconstructive and vague posts and I was so ashamed I would have deleted my account without thinking it twice if I had the chance. I will post more intelligently from now on forward.


Don’t sweat it too much. You were just frustrated, and we’ve all had days where our frustration gets the best of us. Hopefully we’ll still see you around! :grin:


Chill, everyone needs to release some smoke every so often.

I’ve been about to throw some 3 page level of rant more than once in this forum, but once I write it down, while checking any grammar errors, I realize the same thing as you

And then I delete the post.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t rant, you should, infact. It’s good for keeping a good mental health :+1:.


You should not stop writing about what you experience in the game (good or bad).

I think for one that it is good to read (know) that others encounter some of the things I encounter and learn to understand that, in this game, that are things that could happen.

But one should always realize that it is a game, even if we have the worst of luck in the game it doesn’t (or atleast shouldn’t) really affect us in real life. We all should learn to close the game and forget about the bad things and enjoy what we have in real life :wink:


Don’t worry at all, it is normal we do have some really bad luck streaks and it is actually good to vent so you can feel better :) Glad you share this experience and hopefully you get to stay around for a long time.


I like to think we can share experiences whether good or bad. If we filter too much, then we are reporting an unrealistic experience, and that is less than optimal, at least I think so.

Sure, too much negativity is of no use what so ever either, so a balance that reflects the true game experience is all anyone can ask.

On a side note, nice job on being self aware - but don’t be so hard on yourself. :wink:

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