I Appreciate Nowi

First of all, this thread is not meant to start some elaborate discussion or fight about how good/bad/underwhelming her refine is. All I’ll say on that point is that I’ve been running her for years with a non-upgraded lightning breath, and I will certainly be running her with a better lightning breath.

That out of the way… Nowi is great!

She was the first character in the game that I really felt was strong when I first started playing and did all the legwork for me when I was just learning the ropes. She was the first one I got to +10, the one who got the most points and did the most work on my way to Tier 20 in arena, was still in my core when I first got to Tier 21 not that long ago, and she did the heavy lifting on my way into AR 21.

I understand that she’s not the individual strongest character in the game. Her stats are arguably too well rounded and dragons have a bad time against a lot of things. I get that she is a Gen 1 that didn’t get a broken refine to vault her to Tier 1.

But for all that, she is still my favorite character to use in the game and I think her voice lines and art for both versions are great. I think her stats are good enough to do what you want and are decent enough all around to make all sorts of builds. And she’s adorable.

TL;DR - Nowi rocks, she has been my MVP for 3 years, and it’s about time she got her refine.

My Current Build(Blackfire for Weapon MT Placeholder)


Nice Nowi! Your dedication to the character is truly impressive and I’d like to see more in the future!


Thanks! She has a lot of different skills and sets that I use too. I am a big fan of the dragon and beast units, so they tend to get most of my premium fodder.

… I should make another one of these for Panne.


Finally,some positivity,I needed it

I honestly don’t understeand how people though that this refine could bring her back to the old days of 2018 seeing her everywhere etc.,but people are completely sleeping on the fact that she powercrept Idunn,who is one of the best dragons in the entire game

Happy to see another Nowi guy here uwu


She didnt powercreep Idunn lmao, the only thing she has over Idunn is DC in her weap.
Idunn has the better effect conditions, is more reliable, has more stats and armor effectiveness.

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And a worse viability,and a worse movement,and a worse color,and a worse mergeability
and she has a free A,she can run stances and shit


Viability is the only thing she has going for
Movement doesnt matter when you’ve assists, she has overall more and better stats both at base and full merges, she scores more in Arena and is more viable as a AR tank, also Armor Skills, Special Fighter makes her even better cause she can actually charge Aether not like Nowi and color is never a factor to take on you can always break the weapon triangle since in that case Nowi is unusable in Astra season

shes basically a very budget version of Idunn, but didnt powercreep her at all

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Her refine’s good though.


I’m not saying it isn’t good, I’m just saying that’s not what the thread is about. The thread is just here so I (or maybe we) can take a moment and recognize that Nowi is awesome.

There’s other threads to get into refine quality or if she’s moving up the viability scale. This is for me to publicly and unnecessarily gush about my favorite character.


Nice Nowi!!!

Glad you like her!!!

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It’s nice to see at least one more person enjoy the character and/or the refinement.

While yeah, it’s not busted it’s certainly not bad. It kinda sucks for those who use another weapon other than her standard but being able to have DC in a weapon and run something other than that in her A skill is nice.

Nice build btw. Always nice seeing a speedy older gen dragon since they weren’t really common outside of F!Kana and S!Y!Tiki(I don’t remember when she came out but if I vaguely remember right it’s around gen 2).


Realistically she is probably too slow to pull it off, but I am already running her at +Spd so I figured I might as well now. Probably swap her to the +Atk one I kept around and give her Dragon’s Ire before too long, as I feel like it’s probably the superior set.