I asked for Altina, IS said Sothis

Title says it all. Lot of orbs, few Altinas. But I did get unnaturally lucky pulling Sothis. Made a couple builds and am looking for feedback/suggestions.

This one isn’t typical I guess but I’ve had a lot of fun with it. Thinking about changing the seal because the +2 damage on sirius doesn’t seem worth it compared to a fort skill (probably res) or DD or CD

Also have a typical bonus doubler build with flashing blades seal but I can’t post it (I guess new users can only post 1 image threads)


I asked for Sothis, IS said


I asked for Altina, IS said Marth.

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What if I wanted Altina, but IS said :

Two Sothis in ~315 orbs :feh_hecmad:


I got Sothis too

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I asked for Altina, IS said Sothis at 10.5 and Marth at 13.5 while sniping only Red with 90% of my circles only having 1 Red orb and 9% had none

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…Anyway, I think Bonus Doubler as her A skill is really amazing. Bonus Doubler always do wonders on DC weapons. I think however in this build that Flashing Blade is quite useless as it would be generally like this :

Start (2 CD) --> Attack (0 CD) --> Opp attack (still 0 CD) --> Special

It’s for that reason that I think in a such build that her native Time’s Pulse would be better and as for her S seal… maybe a Brazen one ? :thinking:

I asked for Altina, IS said “how about five rounds of no red orbs?”

This concludes my Ted talk on why I got Duma while trying for Altina


Good point, saw a speed effect and blindly saw a use for flashing blades fodder lol. Didn’t think about that too much. FB would really only work on her if I swapped the special, which would be silly because sirius is great.

I like the idea of brazen too, siruis has her dancing below full health for many turns.

Good thinks

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I asked for Altina, IS politely handed her over within 19 orbs and gave me a L!Young Tiki within 70-ish orbs.

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I went in for any red. I got -atk marth. This is fine.

I asked for Marth, got 2, and 6 sothis 6 Altina. Also…