I beat T & C Infernal

I forgot I gave Surtr Ward Armor and thought I’d switched I back to his prf, but apparently I didn’t, and it helped a lot.
Here’s a highlight:


I also had this playing in the background

It probably helped

I used Galeforce Walhart, Draconic Aura Tibarn, Omni Link Odin, and Olivia.

I used best Girl +10 Florina, Flier Nino, +5 Lachesis and +2 Sigurd to beat this. Didn’t take me as much time to figure it out as I thought it would.


I cleared infernal with The Legendary Luke, and then for the lower difficulties decided to not use my brain and just send Sothis in there.

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I cheesed it like usual with Ophelia, Tibarn, L!Azura, and Reyson, but I actually needed Reyson to be 5 star and not L1 this time. IS is learning; their Infernal maps are getting slightly harder per month.

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  • I had to remove Def/Res Link from Aversa so that Claude won’t get Panicked and die to Caineghis.
  • I gave Claude Close Def in his seal slot
  • I gave Saias Atk/Res 1 in his seal to exact lethal the blue Fafnir.

I just sent Sothis to tank and kill the green dragon and let Sothe kill the rest.

I just set Caineghis in and watched him tank & kill every enemy except for the Panic healer, who Reyson killed :birbpeek:
I actually would have had a problem if the healer was closer, but luckily the healer didn’t overlap their range with the rest of the units :upside_down_face:

This BHB was not a problem for true Air superiority.

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I used the new normal team of L!Ike, Titania and NY!Laevatein, with V!Soren replacing my dancer PA!Azura temporarily since I didn’t feel like putting Dance back on her.

Used my usual squad and L-Tiki tanked the whole map.

I had my S!Gunnthra Rally Up Atk+ my Felicia and then had her tank the dragons, kill the healer and mage. Repeated that to kill the Dragons and then had B!Camilla kill Tibarn and whittled down Caineghis till Felicia blew him up with an Iceberg.

I used Caineghis :feh_rein: as well as Mordecai, Kaden, and Velouria
I yeeted Caineghis to tank everything with Velouria, linked Kaden to make him extra OP (forgot Panic+ hits 2 spaces around so that messed Kaden up but Caineghis did well regardless. It was pretty simple from there :birbpeek:

I used Claude, just made sure to keep the healer and red mage alive so they could untransform Caneighis, then I boosted Claude’s attack until he could kill him



Used my TT team with B!Ike, B!Lucina, SS!Reinhardt, and Eir. Ike as always was the GOAT

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This was surprisingly easier than I thought. Then again, I used Ophelia and her team of Dancers.

Picnic Flora had a feast on this map


Quad Berkut
Rinea with Drive Def and Atk Tactic
Legendary Azura