I Believe You May Be Confused

… you’re supposed to be Bernadetta… maybe you’re just having an identity crisis.

I’m not worried about them not being a focus hero… I’m new to the game, so I still don’t know which heroes are good or which aren’t worth using. Is, Claude any good or should I try for a Bernadetta?

I’ve just been completing circles after using the free tickets ( I have 2 left).


For PvE content that Claude should serve you well.
Unless you like Bernie then pull for her.
Bernie > Claude


These are my other pulls from the Herofest banner…

…in case any ne was curious. I also got Sue was a random free pull and I got Tiki from Overseeas Memories…


Who was your CYL 3 pick?


What is CYL 3??


CYL 3 stands for “Choose your legend 3”
Basically you can pull a free 5* off of it.


Ahh I see… I haven’t pulled either of the free pulls from the first banners yet.


Pull your favorite if you don’t have one I strongly recommend Veronica and Micaiah.


Ha that’s funny I got a Claude from that banner too lmao.

If you’re thinking about who to choose, I recommend B!Vero and B!Micaiah. I can go more in depth about that if you like on why I think so.

And also Claude is good, and seeing as you’ve only just started, it’s fine to use pretty much whoever you want for PvE content. That aside, Claude is pretty good anyways. Not as good as Bernie but he’s still good


Well… Same lull fodder…

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I will also throw my hat into picking Brave Veronica & Brave Micaiah. They’re generally the strongest choices from those two free summons, and they will help you quite a bit :feh_birbpeek:
Claude is still very good, so don’t worry about using him. At the beginning of the game, it’s useful to keep every 5* you get to round out your barracks.


I need that lull…

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I’ll take you up on that offer, thank you. Also, I appreciate all the other insight as well. Thanks for your input!

Haha, that’s pretty awesome… I still have two tickets so maybe Bernadetta will show, but he has done well enough in battle thus far…

Thanks for respondonding! I wasn’t planning on getting rid of any units for a while… I foresee that blowing up in my face and coming back to bite me in the a** later. Thanks again for you insights, I greatly appreciate any advice to get me heading in the right direction

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CYL3 is the easier one to pick from imo because CYL2 are getting refines soon.

For CYL3, your options are B!Camilla, B!Alm, B!Eliwood and B!Micaiah. B!Alm is good but plays too competitive a role, or infantry swordie, so I wouldn’t recommend him, due to stiff competition. Same goes for B!Eliwood, and he doesn’t really have much to offer unique to him. Lance cavalry is a bloated class with a lot of cheaper and/or better options. B!Camilla is good, but becomes mostly redundant if you pick B!Vero. If you don’t pick B!Vero then B!Camilla is a good pick. B!Micaiah however, is a good unit with nice debuffs, great minmaxed stat spread, and effectiveness. She’s going to serve you well for a long time, and even in high tier AR she’s still great.

In CYL2 your options are B!Ephraim, B!Hector, B!Vero and B!Celica. B!Eph is good, and with the new refine, he may become really really good. Axe armor however is a slightly contested role, and with other alternatives I don’t think he’s completely necessary. B!Hector is falling off currently due to how bad armors are in the meta, not that it’ll affect you much. He’s an alright choice, but still not really the best one imo. Refine could change that however. B!Celica is extremely contested as an inf swordie, and she’s sorta bad compared to a lot of them. While her refine could change things, I doubt it’s going to be so gamebreaking to the point she suddenly outclasses or even comes remotely close to the power of F!Ike, Mareeta, Larcei, Byleth and many others. B!Vero however is pretty much universally considered the best and most useful healer in the game. Her refine is just gonna make her better so that’s good. At the moment though she’s an extremely solid unit and will serve you well for ages.


Cool thanks, for that info, I was wondering who the heck to pick from those. Thanks for the advice. I’ll probably wait till the refines roll out to pick from that banner, though I have seen a lot of people like Veronica (and now I know why).

Seeing my green units need a boost, I’ll give Micaiah a whirl, thanks again for all your help and insights!



I’m not sure so maybe get someone else to confirm this, but we’ll likely get the refined when CYL4 comes out, so CYL2 will go out of rotation as a beginner’s free pick. I think…

Just wait for FEH channel at least and we’ll get info on that. And picking Mici now is nice, but if another non-Vero unit gets a great refine, then B!Camilla might be worth it


No problem!
It’s always good to get advice as a new player. :feh_birbpeek:
Don’t hesistate to ask any other questions.