I came back to DL

After more than six months i decided to re download this game since the changes were pretty cool so far… as a f2p
With this new changes i am pretty behind in the game but i try to clear as much of the content i can
I have a lot of questions from the game mechanics but i don’t want to ask a lot of stuff since some people found it annoying :smiley:

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Hello there buddy, I also Came back to DL 2 weeks ago after I quit it somewhere around the release of Lousie.
I still remember that time there were wyrmprints in summoning pool, and also the horrible drop rate of 5*.
All I have to say is that I find the game much more enjoyable than before, so just take your time and try to figure it out. I’m currently having a blast playing this game and can’t wait for another event. (btw this community is nearly dead, at least compared to FEH community :stuck_out_tongue: )

Welcome back! Yeah there unfortunately isn’t too much activity on these DL forums ;___; The Dragalia Lost sub Reddit is always busy, so you can also check there for info or if you have any questions!

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And why is that? It’s strange that FEH community is overly active while others are almost dead, is Reddid more useful than GamPress when it comes to DL?

IMO GamePress does have the best guides for DL, which is why I regularly come back. If I had to take a guess, I’d guess the community side here is slow because these forums weren’t launched until a while after the game’s launch. That means people probably initially grouped on other sites and have mostly stuck to those.

Reddit is generally one of the most active sites for any community because so many people know about it and use it every day anyway, while gamepress is a specialized site for mobile games.
As for why the FEH community is way more active: check this out

FEH simply is way more popular and well known than Dragalia Lost, mostly because it’s an existing franchise which draws in a ton of people who played Fire Emblem games before, while Dragalia is an entirely new IP and simply less known/popular. Plus FEH being officially released in a lot more countries is likely a big factor too.

It should probably also be noted that probably half of the FEH threads are fluff and don’t actually discuss game content.

And of the non-fluff threads, three quarters or more get derailed.