I came back to FEH after about 2 years and I have a question?

I lied I have multiple questions but first of is a made wacky builds to multiple characters. And I’m wondering If there good or ass.

This is the first of many


Well, it works. You can do a bit better nowadays with the A and C skills but that’s totally fine.

And just ask every question you have. If you can’t show them all in the opening post, it’s fine to put the rest as replies too.


Well is not bad but is not good either.
Most people run unity skills on him because it can stack unholy amounts of stats that allow him to withstand the use and abuse.
For C either time pulse for faster charge or spd smoke 4 since it will grant damage reduction.

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Marth gets +6 all stats from standing around near allies thanks to Shining Emblem so that C slot is doing absolutely nothing for him unless he gets stuck on his own somewhere

On a budget I’d replace it with Atk Smoke


Yeah was going to ask about that I have acces to time pulse, smoke pulse, and speed pulse 3


Sadly only have access to atk/def unity going to have to wait for atk/spd