I can play FE3H!

Yo!, @af1899 here.

It’s been long, a quite frustrating time of not being able to join the hype but…!

I can finally play FE3H!!!

Befitting GIF for this moment ↓

It’s been long but I can finally try out the game, meet the characters and all that.
(Well recently I had Rhea as PFP, I was thinking of putting Manuela but there isn’t much fanart yet :thinking: I’ll be picking other character though when I meet them better!).

Anyways the video testing the game (expect a laggy emulation!):

(Click/tap to open the video in a new tab)

Sadly the audio is gone due to some problem with the encoding, anyways the sound is as laggy as the game so don’t worry about it!.
The game runs at about the same speed as if I were on a map or a redaction before chapter start, but on quieter places like the main menu it has more speed, also cinematics can’t be seen at all — they’re completely black! (except for the subtitles).

A few screenshots

I’m really loving the game’s aspects so far, it’s a surprising new experience to me and real fun!.

Also which house will I choose?, I just arrived to the Monastery but I’ll go on like this:


Golden Deer → Black Eagles → Blue Lions

Yes, I’ll have to make three different runs but I’ll play each house, starting with the GD!

Specs of the PC running the game:


Kill them. Kill them all. Do it.


Hmm, alright??? :thinking:

Nice ,also now i have something to whatch :hridexcited:

you should had joined khaleesi side, but Claude still fine


Enjoy!, but it’s just a short test, nothing too special :birbpeek:

Oh who’s that? :thinking:


Theirs actually 4 playthrough’s

Major Spoilers

Edelgards path gets slit depending on if you meet the necessary requirements, where you either join Edelgards on her path, and if you don’t meet the requirements you get put into the Church’s path


4?, I’ll go double-check that later on then, thanks!


Just my addiction, many of this fe character reminds me of Game of thrones character :flaynfish:


Highkey still wish I knew this on my first playthrough, but I did it right the second time at least


Ohh I see, but I think you were refering to Edelgard if I’m not wrong, don’t worry in another run I’ll go pick her house :birbpeek:


Yah wish I had known about the requirements before the time skip my first playthrough was super salty because of it


i thought you’d stay on that thread what are you doing out of your thread

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@Bow-of-Sacae “I am Ferdinand von Aegir” :flaynsmile:

(Right now meeting all the students and exploring the monastery, too bad the lag does a number to the point there’s a loud noise and voices are barely heard…)


Wait, there’s a Switch emulator already?

Yes!, well there are two to be exact!, they’re Yuzu and Ryujinx :birbpeek: (I’m using the first one)