I can't connect to pvp ranked matches or co-op mode ***Q&A**

From some weeks to now, i can’t find an opponent on rating matches and neither a buddy on co-op mode.
My pvp was working until last month and suddenly It stops working.
I can only fight bots to get to rank 50 and when i get there i can’t find an opponent at all.
If theres a way to fix this or If It goes away by itself pls let me know, thx.


Either your internet connectivity is really poor or you have an old phone.

Of course there is always a possibility that something is happening with the game, because it’s a diverse organism, which is always changing. ;)

Well last month I was able to play with no lag at all, and my phone ia pretty New. But well i think i Will reinstall the game, cuz the game ia sttutering for no reason sometimes. Btw thx for the awnser

Didn’t fixed at all

Since the game had the new big 2.0 update, it is causing some trouble for a lot of players out their. So you are not the only one ;)
Guess you have to wait for maintenance and hopefully the devs will fix the issue.
If you game crashes you can always report ;)

hey i am also getting the same issue is the problem solved for you dimitri9b?

pls someone help me regarding the same issue