I can't decide who to fodder for L&D 3 and or 4. EDIT: ITS FOR YURI

EDIT: This is for Yuri I forgot to put him in the reciving window apparently. Today has been just a big Cluster Fuck brain is not working.

FYI I have a Sothe merge project on the back burner right now that is why I have not just thrown him in tue meat grinder and called it a day.

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Well who you are foddering too will be important. Is it a unit who also wants special spiral? Then you should fodder Igrene to get both skills.

You can also always grab a copy of N!Hana or regular Hana and promote them, which is more expensive feather wise, but probably worth it considering fodder.

Oops I though I put him in the window


Never fodder a 5* for a skill that’s on a 4*. Kill Sothe.

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The only one I can only get from 5⭐ is L&D4

Why does the bold button not make things bold?

Well title said 3 or 4… But my point still stands.

Kill sothe first for LnD 3, then kill Igrene for LnD4 and SS.

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Usually Yuri wants Disarm trap in B slot for AR-O but you can also work with Luna or Lethality with the special spiral from Igrene.

So yeah, I agree with Dragginz, kill Igrene


How about my second Yuri?

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Aaaaah, I see what you’re doing. 2nd one I’d drop Leila (worse Yuri).


What about my - Speed +HP Selena

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Other than Laegjarn and B!Eirika she’s the only normal pool Cav who can run with NFUsweep and that’s an extremely important combo. You’re just trading a dagger for a better dagger by giving up Leila imo.

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SoV catria is also an option, because she’s not merged and also isn’t that great a unit.