I can't see any of my friends that are online, what can I do?

Hi, I have a iPhone 7 and when I go to my friend’s list, I cannot see any of my friends that are online. This is very annoying when I want to invite people to raids because I don’t know who’s online and who isn’t. What should I do? I uninstalled PoGo and reinstalled but that didn’t work.

So, for some Pokémon go devices, for whatever reason, I can’t turn on AR + or the online thingy. Well, specifically on this device. It doesn’t appear in the settings, I searched it up, didn’t help. So, would be nice, but I can’t do it.

No idea what is going on with the friends list. It could be a bug for iphone players because I am having the same issue and I am on an iphone 11. It has been going on the last couple of days.