I Cleared All Availible L/M Maps Again

~To the tune of Britney Spear’s “Oops!.. I did it Again”~

Oops, I did it again
Got lost in the game
I cleared all the maps, got lost in the game
Duo!Peony became my love
Powerful units sent from above
B!Lysithea’s not that innocent!

Thoughts on Current L/M Maps

  • L!Claude’s map was easy. I’m actually sad. The hype has died for me
  • F&T’s was difficult because of there were always cavaliers. Oh well.
  • Hel didn’t take too long, once she’s gone, it’s smooth sailing.
  • I cleared Seliph’s a long time ago. I don’t remember how I cleared it.
  • FLIPPING MILA. SHE TOOK THE LONGEST BECAUSE OF DANG ISOLATION. The Queen proves again once again how amazing she is.
  • Altina was easy.
  • Leif took a moderate amount of time. Do NOT underestimate his low attack.
  • Cleared Naga a long time ago. I don’t remember what I did there.
  • Hrid was so easy it was really sad.
  • Tiki was easy too, but she could actually do some damage, UNLIKE HRID

Some Shoutouts to my Units

  • B!Lysithea carried so much in every map I used her in. Her instaperation came in clutch so many times, and she can dish out some huge damage. In terms of PvE, I think B!Lysithea is one of the best units for it. MVP.
  • Duo Peony. Her duo skill is amazing, I was literally in awe at how much of an advantage my team had with her.
  • B!Edelgard, once the emperor, always the emperor. She wasn’t necessarily the MVP, but definitely came in a close second.
  • Duo Dorothea. P!Dorothea Harmonized skill + D!Peony duo skill + 3H unit = Absolute destruction. I could literally act 5 times in one turn with them.

Stuff that surprised me

  • L!Chrom and L!Dimitri literally made a cameo. I thought I would’ve used them more, but no.
  • It was surprising how easy and fast it was to kill L!Claude. His Guard Bearing+ turned out to be very underwhelming. I still want him though.