I crave a Kaze merge project

must. make him. invincible.

planning on merging him to +atk or +spd.

I’m thinking dragon killer.

any ideas? All skill ideas entertained. Will let you know if I have them.

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Wait, so you like dagger units? I think you’re Legualt is fine, but Kaze is good, so go for it!

i personally don’t like many dagger units…

And I don’t have many ideas. Don’t use Kaze…

I don’t use him I mean.

Legault is literally the Hurricane, but I want a dragon tank who is also a debuffer, hence Kaze.

The main reason why I wanna build him though, is just because he’s been on the backburner of my barracks for FOREVER. also this smol child. lost child.

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Special Spiral for Special spam.

Mystic Boost could also work so dragons don’t target has weaker defense (can’t say if it’s actually with it, that’s for you to decide).

There’s also that Starfish seasonal weapon that gives him Desperation, which is arguably his best weapon.

not a maiougi weapon?

The absolute dragon tank. I’d prefer a Spd asset.

Iceberg spam, like @Krazytre said.

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I guess that mostly depends on the build. If it’s something like Cloud Maiougi and Desperation then it’d make him pretty effective against them, but it’s only good against dragons. If you’re wanting him to be less specialized then you might want to go for a different weapon.

that iceberg spam looks tasty


thanks @Krazytre and @LuteTheGod! :heart: :heart: :heart:

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but what about alm? how dare you

Note that the first build has a neutral iv, and the second build is +Res/-Def. Forgot to include the ivs…

Also no problem. :)

lit. also will atk-spd push 3 suffice? Leg!Erika has evaded me.

Sure, but you’re most likely going to need a healer to keep his Hp at 100%.


*dagger dragon killer/debuffer

this is my good boi

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how about swift sparrow, swift stance, kestrel stance, etc.

Kestrel/Swift/Mirror stance can be great for the first build, Swift sparrow can be another option other than Atk/Spd Solo. They are all good options.

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:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: its lit fam

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Cloud Maiougi nullifies Desperation. The Hoshidan summer weapons have built-in Hardy Bearing, which negates attack priority moves on both unit and foe.

Oh, my bad. I forgot about the extra effects of those seasonal weapons, lol.