I create FEH videos sometimes

『UPDATE — 09/12/2020 :feh_berniebulli:

At first I planned to update this topic each time I create a video but I was afraid to be really insistent so that’s why I stopped to update it, I really had that impression to be that annoying person to absolutely want to show his stuffs …

But I feel like 1 update from time to time seems ok? If not, just tell me and I’ll stop update this topic.
(And if it’s not allowed anymore to create/update a topic for showing my stuffs, just tell me and I’ll stop update this topic. )

If you wanna see me throwing some orbs for a waifu :

And if you wanna to discuss about editing stuffs I’m here for you :feh_hector:

『Initial Post』

Well at first I’m not attracted to make a topic about my feh footages here but well, a dear friend @af1899 said a few times to me it can be great thing to share my vids with you. :feh_berniebulli:

So I made this topic to just tell you when I’m publishing a new video. :feh_nino:
(so I don’t have to create a topic for each new vid)

So it begins with this one :

Hope you will like it :feh_zekewhat: :feh_gordin:

Your editing is great! And the dialogue adds a bit more fun to the whole video. Also, nice job on the completion!
A suggestion would be for when the dialogue scenes are going on, lessen the white stroke around the letters.
Besides that, your videos are great and I’m looking forward to more! :feh_hridexcited:


Hmm!, this is great :ok_hand: happy to know you’ll be posting your videos here :hugs:.
I just saw your video of the Cormag GHB and it was a noice step-up in comparison with earlier productions you’ve done but all of them are excellent and worth a watch at least, I certainly recommend to everyone reading this to watch his videos, he often showcases units with budget builds taking on interesting challenges :ok_hand:t2:.

P.S.: I’ve wrote a comment there :eyes:


Thank you
I was just afraid to add too much dialogues on this one :feh_bernieshock:

Ok I will try to reduce a little for my future vids :feh_gordin:

I just like to make vids adding some random sfx and adding some After Effects stuffs.
And I just want the record to be more than a simple a record showing how I did the map.

Someone on YT told me “editing isnt the end all be all” so I asked some questions to myself, but well in the end I think a video which is a minimum edited is way more enjoyable than a simple record


Source :


Thanks :feh_gordin:
On this one I just added more dialogues :thinking:

And well I just give budget builds cuz I don’t want to kill my unique 5 stars exclusive units :feh_humblecurate:
Idk how many Hinata died :feh_eirikabulli:


You’re welcome, and hey it’s okay!, the dialogue adds an extra nifty touch to your videos, it was done right :ok_hand:t2: just take Minutaie’s suggestion to make the text more visible as they said!

And the effort you put never ceases to amaze me :feh_larchsmile: also don’t pay them any attention, you’ve thought it your own way and added c00l stuff to enrich the video itself :+1:

Heh, you did, but again zero probs with it :ok_hand:t2:

:eyes: I see, but well, consider joining premium at some point alright? :feh_rein:.
Jk, you don’t have to, besides the budget builds you make are pretty fun to see and are shown to be really effective, with team synergy involved :ok_hand:t2:

Lmao!, I’m more curious about how many Bartres have you foddered for [Brash Assault 3] :eyes:


Hey Guys !

Not a showcase video
Not a GHB video
But a chill video this time because it’s christmas (eeh yeah 3 days later sry).

In this video I will spend nearly 200 (F2P) orbs trying to get Marth & Elice (especially for the arts), is my luck here ?
You will see it if you watch it.

Sorry for not being productive lately btw.

Have a nice day/evening guys (it’s 6PM in France)!
And I’m just hoping my vid is not that boring

Note : I was doing this summoning session when I was outdoor with friends.


Hey, I made an another video in this beginning of 2020.
It’s about testing my luck on this game in the first day of 2020.

the timeline at the end of the video

so now you know how many love I put to make this video

All I want is Anna, so please RNG, give her to me. :feh_ceciliaculture::feh_berniebulli::feh_bartre: :pray:
Also I’m sad because there isn’t any Anna’s emote here image


Hello, a new video made by me was released.
Sorry it’s my 4th summoning video in a row. (F2P btw) (and I didn’t post an announce here about my summoning session with the stand users)
Enjoy :feh_claude_gun:

I wanted this unit for a while … I hope he will join me quickly ! :pray:
I tried (as usual) to make a “dynamic” video on a summoning session :feh_bkhaha:

→ Mini spoiler ←

I don’t know if I have the right to say I wasn’t so lucky in this one because Color Shared banner is always hell when you sniped precisely 1 unit. Even a friend got what I wanted with around 50 orbs …
It was (pretty) like the same scenario as my summoning session in the LA banner last year : got good things but not what I really want. This video really shows why I hate leg banners. But at least for the first time of my life I got a big present at the beginning.
Also, for the FREE 5* seasonal unit, I choosed the color with 75% of the units which interest me but … :feh_bkbk:

Curious about the timeline ?


Hey again guys, 'hope you have a good day, there is an another video released now. :kissing:
Thanks god, it’s finally something else than a summoning session. :feh_marththink:

Hope you will like it and look closely at 1:32, there’s something wrong.
And I consider this one like a true solo one I mean the second Lif is just here to activate the weapon of his alter ego. There isn’t any stat buffs. Lif number 1 kills them all. To sum up : Lif is just here to activate Lif’s weapon.

Last thing : I just made this video for fun. :feh_hector:
Last thing² : When I saw Lif’s arts at first, he reminded me a lot Sasuke.
Another last thing : I know the thumbnail is a little messy but I wanted to be funny …

Want to see the timeline ?



here's the picture with something wrong

@af1899 are you sure about that ? Look closely on the gameplay. It’s really discreet I know but I like to tamper on minor details.
(it’s more between 1:31 - 1:32, I know this is less than 1 second)


I just noticed the “61 → 61” on Cynthia’s HP

An obscure bug? Because she isn’t even healing herself or anything

I see it now


That was actually quite enjoyable, really nicely done.

Wth is going on ?

No this isn’t, it’s just I duplicated the video gameplay and just selected the “61” HP frome the left with the mask tool.
If you look closely, the fake “61” background is a little lighter.

Thank you :+1:


It was a video edit, but that’s impressive, guess you could introduce “easter eggs” and make subtle edits like these to see who notices 'em


its time to watch these in my sad boi hours, thanks for more content to take my mind off life :D


np I hope that you are well :feh_genny_mug:

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Hey, I just found out about your videos and you got a new subscriber! Keep up the great work! (Also lmao poor S!Alfonse)


I dont even know the rules of this place. I just go wild. :feh_lucyshrug:


Just watched a video. I was skeptical at first but yah got meh with a bunch of Erased and Kaguya-sama references as well as some nice editing too. Earned yourself another sub :feh_nino:


Thanks for your support, really appreciate it :+1:

Hmm sorry I didn’t really understand what you said (my english isn’t that good) but I put Erased & Kaguya-sama because I liked a lot (it was a little hard to find a “fun” scene for Erased)
I usually like to add a (mini) anime scene edited for fun when I got a 5* unit :thinking:

but thanks for your support :+1:

If you talk about this topic, I just made it to announce when I release a new video about FEH ! :feh_genny_mug: