I desperately need help regarding my account, please

Account Help Desprately appreciated:
Back in April I had a devasting fire, it destroyed everything including my laptop and most of my accounts with it. I had a hard drive I was supposed to grab that had back ups of my accounts data however by the time that I could go get it the fire was much to hot, I’ll never forget that heat so I chose to abbonden the house and hope it was recovered, it wasn’t. I tried to get this account back but I don’t remeber nearly enough about it to get it back. This is not what the post is about, I am just explaining why I did what I did next.

I was suffering from the extreame ptsd that occured after the fire, and thought if I had something constructive to put my mind towards, the days in the hotel wouldn’t be so bad, a freind hated to see me suffer and they gave me money to buy an account, I find the perfect one on a website and gave the person the money, after telling them exactly what I had been through and what th money was for, I made two payments and I got a lot of my money back Though large chunks were missing. I am not trying to get this account back either it’s just for information.

After that experince I decided that was going to be ultra careful, so I found someone that had had completed dozens of transactions, and I only would buy the account from the original owner, I bought an account I was really happy with, a lot of my favorite SSRS, had a unbroken login streak of over 700+, had all codecs event CES, all wellfare were FA/FNP things went great for about 40ish days then I broke the log in streak due to a power outage in the hotel I was staying in, soon after that I counldn’t access the account and the transfer code wouldn’t work. I emailed support and they told me that someone had used the account recovery tool in the past and to prove my idenity I needed to give them the email or emails that used the tool, I didn’t understand how an account with an unbroken login streak could have used the recovery tool. Nevertheless, I sent a message to the person I bought the account from. They responded to me for about six hours telling me that they had used the account recovery in the past, and reaffirmed that they were the original owner. That they would do anything to help me get my account back, then they disapear forever. I told the admin, and then I googled the freind code and found another person, so I messaged them, they didn’t speak English very well, but they said they bought the account from someone on facebook, I asked them to message them to ask if they had ever used the account recovery feauture and if they were the original owners, they said they hadn’t and had owned the account since day 2. I had an indonisian freind translate my messages so they would understand them but they claimed they hadn’t used the feature, then I found out they didn’t sell the account to the person I bought it from, and they pointed me in that persons direction, every person I talked to that had owned the account claimed they had never used the service until I traced it back to the person I bought it from.

Since I found no one who used the account recovery feature I couldn’t give support the email that I had used, before I tried for a refund I told them any such email would likely be lost and would they take any other forms of proof, (I had been writing down goals that I made to complete in the account to help keep my mind off the fire, I.E. Get Okita’s Bond craft essence, or, max rider morderd skills, or level up MHXA (two of my favorite servants in the game.)) They said they needed the email address.

Then I went to my debit card company in prusiant to a refund, I sent a notice to the email address I sent the funds to via paypal, and a notice to their discord. Neither recived responses, I sent them the proof I had and waited for about a month, and then they told me they couldn’t do anything beacuse they only can presue a chargeback 60 days after the original transaction. And then a lot of stuff happened with the house and I had to move in to a new hotel and I am really struggling I have a lot of health problems and the stress is wearing me down, having that account with so many ssrs and servants and a load of apples I could really play until I was calm again, but now I can’t do that.

Now here finally are my questions, I made the stupid mistake of paying by freinds and faimly on paypal, I know they rarely give refunds, is there anyway I can set it up so I can get a refund or is there anything I can give to support that I can give to prove the account is mine, I have screeenshots from within the account that only I have, IE certain servants hitting certain bond levels ect. I mean the account is a day 2 account and I do have email addresses that were legitately deactivated between the games launch and now.

I’d be happy just to have my account back, I am really only intrested in the refund option if but after I have tracked it around the world and back I doubt that is going to happen, I prefer information regarding that but information regarding a refund from F+F payments

ALso I know I am stupid for paying via F+F, I didn’t know I got my money back before, I know I did a lot of things stupidly, but for nearly 60 days I had something that didn’t make me feel like a complete screw up loser again, don’t have to think about burning flesh that I could enjoy on what little I have, everything I own right now is donated.

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Firstly, I’m truly sorry to hear about the tragedy you faced with the fire, and I’m glad that you are at least undergoing the process of recovery, however a stressful matter such as this is not going to help.

When it comes to requesting account recovery for people who have owned their account from the start to receive a new code, it’s annoying even for them. Support can be quite picky in this regard, but given what’s up on your end… it doesn’t seem like there’s a way to a happy ending here.

When it comes to buying accounts online, there’s often seedy histories associated with each one, and this account appears to be no different given the web of people you’ve had to claw through to figure out what you can do. Making payments in this sort of way is always places you under severe threat of either being scammed or something unforeseen going awry.

Given how incredibly stubborn support is on things like this, I don’t believe you’ll be able to get access to the account again unless you get incredibly luck and find that email. Even then, there’s no guarantee you will regain access.


@Drachy pretty much said everything.

Buying accounts is technically illegal, and Account Recovery is in itself a pretty stressful ordeal even if the account is originally yours.

If everything goes right, Account Recovery can take less than a day, even with time zones. Plus, you technically have to not log in for exactly 24 hours at maximum to break a login streak.

If the original owner used Account Recovery in the past, then Support knows the email address, the phone/device FGO was played on, and possibly even the country that the original owner lives in.

From what you said, it sounds like multiple people used to own the account you bought.
For every different person that bought the account, they had to use account recovery to transfer the account across different devices.

Honestly, there is no way to make the original owner refund the money back, as Paypal or Western Union won’t do anything unless fraud is proven and a warrant is sent from some investigation, and even then the money could have been moved to a different account.

Given present circumstances, you should prepare yourself for the worst

Unless you have the original email, transfer code and password, friend code, and phone device, you have no proof to present to Support to indicate that you own the account, regardless of whether or not you bought it.

There have been cases where Vendors sell accounts, and use recovery option to get back their account once money is received, thus scamming their customers and locking them out of the account.

I understand that this is not the answer you seek, but given the present situation, it is something that you will have to deal with and move on.

We do have a thread where starter accounts (some with SSRs) are given away, although most are on the JP server.
You can find that thread here

There is also an Account Recovery thread here


yeah, as mentioned before, the purchase and selling of accounts goes against the tos, so support would 100% not help you get it back if they caught any wind of that

sorry for the irl shit you had to go through outside of this though


That’s some rough shit and i hope you get better but regarding the account, i lost mine a few months ago when i ■■■■■■ up during a transfer from one device to the next and lost the code, i managed to get my account a couple of days later but i gave VERY detailed information: Amount of Logins, which Servants i had in Support saying their levels in general and skills, etc and there haven been cases where even all of that doesn’t work, so just give as much information as you can and hope for the best. If not, go to ask for an Account in it’s respective thread.


Sorry everyone if this response is rude at points, I am so, so, so, worn out this started out as a response to drachy which I am leaving as is but evolved to encompass everyone responses, thank you all <3. Thank you all, and I am sorry it’s going to take me a while to be completely well if at all.

Thank you for the response Drachy <3,

I understand that it’s not the best for my health but those 60 days or so when I had the account, it was a huge boon to my mental health. Like the fire was caused by a faulty stove, despite this I feel so guilty and it never stops. And the rebuilding processes is so slow, everyday it’s something else. But my cute sith lord teamed up with Okita and other of my favorite servants really gave me something else to focus on. It’s the best I have felt since all of this happened. My heart sank when I couldn’t login, and that was the first day I cried since the fire, I lost all trace of what I had left of a girl friend I had a few years who had passed a few years ago, and her and I enjoyed fate together. I could feel her soft kind spirit with me as I played. That’s all I have left of her, I took the photos and the little presents she sent me for granted. I know I should be in therapy but, my family only has one car and my mom needs it everyday to make sure her cancer stays in remission. I am starting to break down from all the stress, I am sorry to vent all of this to you kind soul, I am just so overwhelmed. I have such large gaps where I am just alone with my thoughts now. I only have an old computer and an old tablet, everything is donated, I can’t start to recover my possessions as I don’t know how many more out of pocket repairs that the insurance won’t cover. All my other hobbies weren’t covered. Everything is just gone.

I know some people might ask, why did you buy an account in the first place? I did have my own launch account, like my own proper account but I have only a vague list of servants, There is nothing left of my house, I didn’t have enough to try a look up on the account according to support. I could send them pictures of my burned out house to prove that’s true, but I have no real proof of what what was on the account itself, I bought an account to replace what I had, and technically it was a gift beacuse my freind was really worried about my mental health, I can’t go to him and tell him I lost his money I already feel enough guilt. I have large gaps in my pre-fire memory and I have a stutter when I speak now. I know this is relevant to the topic at hand but I grew up with ptsd, protected my mom and brother from an abusive father for four years with my body. It’s come back with a vengeance, probably because I never dealt with the passing of my girl friend. I am sorry if this is a defensive answer, it’s not meant towards you drachy, I thank you for your very kind response and not judging me.

I did try to eliminate as much risk as I could by buying an account from someone who stated they were the first owner, they also showed me a screenshot of the in game log in streak, that had been unbroken since the second day of launch. I also looked through the person feedback and they had been through at least 40 other transactions. I know it can be seedy, but there is no other feesabile way to have replaced my account, I did my absolute best to eliminate my risk. No one’s going to hand someone a loaded launch account that they have put there heart and soul into. Yes, there is more I could have done to eliminate my risk. I had the account working for nearly two months. However, the sale was fraudulently described, the seller said they were the original owner, now had I not asked this or they hadn’t answered I don’t think it’d be legally fraudulent. But they affirmed that they had owned the account from the start I proved easily that they weren’t also if they sold the account and stole it back then they were planning to defraud from the very start. Normally I would easilly get a refund from paypal, as I have learned normal paypal transactions are held in escrow just in case something like this comes up, I paid via friends and family and wasn’t told of the risks of doing so before which I learned isn’t held in escrow, so I was wondering if there had been someone defrauded in a situation like mine who has gotten there money back despite of using F+F, I don’t know I am honestly really struggling at this point that’s why I asked for help. No one can help me with my other issues, I was hoping beyond hope someone could help me with this one.

Yeah, thank you for the resources, I am just dealing with really bad PTSD, I apologize if my message was inappropriate, I am having a really hard time letting go with everything else I lost but fighting for any of that it meaningless. My brain just doesn’t want to let go of this, it doesn’t want to let go of a lot of things to be fair, and I saw a really good community here and I was hoping beyond hope someone had a magic bullet that could solve this one issue for me. I will eventually let it go.

Thank you so much for the reply Drachy.

Thanks, and that’s why I didn’t give out very many specifics on the account.

Thank you, I guess trying again won’t hurt. Thank you for the condolences. Sorry you lost your accounts as well.

Thanks again everyone, I am sorry if I seem sort I spent most of the day writing this reply, I am emotionally exhausted.

Don’t be, not gonna lie i was kinda surprised of the amount of shit you’ve gone through and picking a Gacha game of all things as a coping machanism is one hell of a thing. I would say that try your best getting yours back, if you had a friend in your FL they could tell you the Servants you had in Support (I did that when i lost mine) and that would allow to have a fair bit on info, it won’t garantee anything but who knows.

If shit hits the fan, i’m pretty sure most people on this conmunity would try to help you in some ways and maybe you can get out of this with an account with respectable Servants but i digress. I’m not gonna tell you that everything will come out ok because i’m from the opinion that life in general is kinda shit but can be filled with meaning, so a life that was built on pain and abuse can be good if you take all of that as fuel to start rebuilding, it won’t be perfect but it’s something.

If life kicks you down, you kick harder and harder until you gained even a little of ground in this uncaring universe of ours. This might not sound very cheerful but i think that one makes what it wants from life.

I hope this helps at least a bit, so take care pal, even in the realm of salt there are some sweet moments (I know it’s ■■■■■■■ cheesy but it’s the best i got).


You know, I can’t help you anymore than other people here in recovering your account but I have a starter alt in JP with NP2 OG Ishtar, NP3 Ana, Caster Gilgamesh, Valkyire (lancer) and Caster Marie. Notable CEs would be prisma cosmos and Kiara Overcharge CE.

Tell me if you want the account, also I’m really sorry I couldn’t help you recover your account. Psi here created a pinned thread on account recovery go through it, it may help you.

I’m so sorry to hear about everything you’ve gone through. I can’t imagine loosing everything irl and then also loosing my coping mechanism on top of it. I wish I could help you recover the account or had a nice account to share like @kuu0. If you get going on a new NA account I can make room on my FL to help you clear content. Don’t have many shiny ssr’s, but the ones I have are polished really bright.

Best wishes and good luck.

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I would never trust other people in the buisness of trading account.
I am sorry for what happened to you, but your safest option would have been starting a new account and buying X sqz and roll what you could

My girlfreind was a queen neet, and she loved the series even with all of it flaws. Persona series was our joint favorite, but
I also write, I have been trying to write, a story where her and I have a happy ending but I have had to start that over from scratch as years of writing/drafts went up in smoke.
I know it might be silly but I had a whole Journal filled with FGO so I could feel like I was accomplishing something and it’s something familiar, rebuilding is really really slow so farming events and accomplishing things with my favorite servants I had access to all the events I had grinded and those I had missed due to the fire, it was like having something, from that burning hell. My MTG cards, my video games, especially the Japanese ones my girl sent me, my computer, my camera and it’s lenses everything that I ever owned. It’s just daily gains along with getting to feel normal again.

Yeah the community here seems amazing, I wish I had joined sooner. I am sorry I didn’t reply sooner today it’s been a rough day here at the hotel.

I haven’t really played JP, so I don’t know what it’s like over there or what I’d have to do, also would it be of a loss to you? Like it sounds like a lot for a starter, Also is the transition from NA to JP easy? I am kind of used to NA at this point. It seems like a really good starter and I don’t want that to be lost on me.

Thank you so much your response made me smile.

I understand the sentiment, I just wanted a normal part of my life back, and I had it for nearly two months. I am sorry if my thought process isn’t sound, I am really struggling,

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I understand, and i was not preaching or something like that. It was just an honest opinion.
I was not judging you, i assure you.

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Well, it’s just a starter account I started for fun, but I got extremely lucky so the account has those units. It might be a tiny bit of loss since I might lose Ishtar but if that helps you in some way then it’s a loss I’m willing to take.

If you are familiar enough with menus in NA, then you won’t be that lost when it comes to JP, for reference I can’t even read a single Japanese character but the story part you have to read from the internet or see youtube videos, nothing can be done there. You would have lost all the Welfare servants that were released till now, so think it over. If you still want it drop me a PM.

I thank you for your kind offer from the bottom of my heart, but I couldn’t take something from you that you clearly made for yourself to enjoy. Like, you made an account I am guessing specifically so you could start out with Ishtaar and got lucky enough to get her to NP2? There is no way in good coincous I could take that away from you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the offer tho, and if I find myself on the JP server I will know who to contact.

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Like I said at the end of the day it’s an account I made to have fun with, if it helps you that would make it fun as well. :smiley: But if that’s your stand then, I won’t say anything else, I wish you all the best in the future, may you have all the good luck to make up for all that you have experienced till now.

@Eon would you like to start with a NA acc with Ozymandias, Orion, NP2 Heracles, and Lancelot? It has only reached Septem and the servants are still low-level. it also has 20ish SQ and some more stuff from the starter login bonus. I only used it to replay the story chapter, so I don’t mind letting it go. It doesn’t have any of your favorite servant, and the lineup aren’t really impressive, I understand if you don’t want it, but if you do I’ll give the trf code and password to you

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I am sorry I haven’t responded, some events have transpired over the last few days that have left me a bit heart broken. The Account has almost zero chance of being returned, the support team doesn’t care about the fire. And they don’t seem interested in even investigating the account I actually lost due to the fire. Things have esclated here, after losing everything in the fire I have been told for months I would be given money to replace some of my possessions, because I could hear a man strike a woman here for about an hour, when I went to get noise cancling headphones there was no money. All my possession money is gone, even the 100$ I was given for my birthday has been diverted to repairs, this account would have litterally been the only thing I would have had when the house is rebuilt, now I will have nothing. I’d rather not go into the details, but I was lied to by faimly about the possession money, that it hadn’t come in yet. Then they spent/lost 16,000.00$ on a con artist. Then proceeded to lie to me about it for the last six months.
That’s not including the money we’ve had to pay out of pocket for repairs, things are really really messed up. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the supportive messages, like my hope for the future is completely bleak.

This is … really bad to hear

I really hope everything or something comes out in your favor soon

Sorry I never got back to you all, I have had to deal with a bunch of legal shortly after and the ten year old computer I have processor was having issues. It’s also looking like more and more that I am going to lose my home, someone was paid with the insurance money to fix the house by next month, very little work has been done in my opinion, (have to legally say that now) and they are refusing to do any more work, unless we come up with more money that we don’t have, since we have a mortgage, we are paying for temporary housing AND the morgtage and there is going to come a point where we can’t continue to do that.
I was going to take some of your advice and buy an sq account but I couldn’t find any on ebay, I found some who sells starters with a few ssrs and SQ brand new fresh accounts, I found one with a Nero Bride NP2, okita, and something else and some sq and tickets, it was like 38$, but since we now to spend all the rest of our money on legal funds its too much for us right now. Also I am going to either find someone to either to donate a cheap laptop or try to find some replacement components first.
From the bottom of my heart I thank you all for your advice, kind words and replies from the bottom of my heart, I am sorry I went radio silent, I can’t really divulge whats going on right now. Anyone reading this in the future, if I have any advice to give is don’t buy someone elses personal account, as everyone here is right there are just too many factors that can go wrong. Don’t use F+F on paypal to pay for goods or services, even if the item isn’t protected under paypal’s buyers protection, money used in goods and services is held in escrow where they just transfer the money to the other persons account if you use F+F, this means that if you send someone money via F+F if your the victim of fraud you have 0% of getting your money back. If someone demands that you pay them via friends and family in any circumstance for anything in my opinion you should look elsewhere. Thank you all for your kindness.