I did it, guys!

I’ve accomplished something I though would never happen… It was a pipe dream, because people have always told me that you don’t need to do this, just to be “good” at the game, but goddamnit I did it, anyways… (Please don’t pay attention to the build I gave him, in the corner. I was experimenting in Aether Raids)

He has Death Blow 3 (Will give him Death Blow 4, if I summon another Celica or Dimitri), Lancebreaker 3, some Ward/home skill, I forget (sometimes I’ll run Def Tactics, which is what he currently has equipped right now) and Quickened Pulse for Moonbow (if Ophelia isn’t using it and 9 times out of 10, I have at least 2 other mages on her side, so…)

This should please the Rein…

I summoned so many of him that I thought I’d do this, considering we got a free 5 star Reinhardt. So… Here you guys go :3


Huh? What did I do…?

+10 a good character shaped by memes

Which is cool,congrats

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True :3
But… Why’d you tag someone who’s kinda mean to me?

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Wait what

Because he have a +10 rein too soooo

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Oh hey good work lol
Although… how about Odin?

Congrats! That’s really cool!

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Noice!, congrats :feh_rein: :birbpeek: :partying_face:

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Miss Reinhardt. :feh_rein:

This must be fate :feh_rein:

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Stuck at 40+4. Can’t summon until Owain appears on a banner

Dire Thunder your enemies into oblivion.