I did it: Naesala, number 20

There is a time to sow… and I have been for a while now.

After recently completing Tharja, Lector and Brave Edelgard, I have once again spent several premium F2P resources to complete yet another +10 unit. I got most of the premium skills I wanted, except for maybe Atk/spd rein in the c-slot. Nonetheless, the blue edge fits his art so well! And I already completed this weeks arena, pairing him up with Lector. Without further ado, my twentieth +10 unit:

Surge Sparrow makes him surprisingly bulky. He reminds me of Brave Claude, where IF he doubles, he often heals back to full. Galeforce is definitely more useful in arena though. I also use Naesala in Rokkr sieges, with a budget build and his native Guard.

Anyway, on to number 21! Julius sounds good…


Congratz on +10ing him! :+1:t2:
I wouldn’t put blue flame on him since it requires you to be next to someone to get it’s full dmg but besides that it’s a great build.


I 100% agree! But I tested it in arena, and its the only 3 charge 500sp special available to him I think. So I picked it up on the forma. Hopefully IS will change that, till then I will stick with Galeforce.

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Congrats on finishing him, looks great! :catclap: