I did it! She’s mine! A Sothis Discussion

Yes! I just got Sothis (on my free pull too) the ivs suck though, -atk +spd. I have a perfect a and c slots for her, compliments of Ossian and W! Marth, but don’t have a clue what her b slot should be. Suggestions?

Null Follow Up I’d say
Other choices can be Null C Disrupt or her base Wrath tbh


Wow, I’m my 6 free summons, this is what I got:

The Ephraim is +def -spd, the SAME IVS AS MY OTHER DUO EPHRAIM while Bernie is +atk -spd


I got Duo Ephraim as one of my free summons… and another copy of Emm

@GVader Emm?

Also, speaking of having 2 good slots out of 3, what would you guys do for bernie’s c slot for cavlije? Ward/goad cav, probably?

Emm = Emmeryn

my pulls so far: starting at the Kagero

still two tickets to go

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The one and only best older sister


Lull atk/spd is probably best at low merges. NFU is good at high merges for non-ARD content. But a lull is good

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Congrats and gl

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So Bernie c slot?

Smoke if she has dancers. Cav buff if she’s on that sorta team. Native c is fine tbh.

Or a wave skill for cheap

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While I’ve been saving for myrrh, I did want to try and get one Sothis to fix my -spd Sothis to help with AR, but 90 orbs and I got a Sanaki. Oof.

Ah well, now I know better at least and not too many orbs were used and hey, at least I got some Bantus as my red dragon consolation prize! Still got 500+ orbs left and since Myrrh is at the end of the month I can grab a few hundred more orbs. That should definitely be enough for 3 Copies of Myrrh!

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Lull Atk/Spd

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