I didn't wanted to do this, I'm really sorry

I hate complaining, but look at this. Seriously? Easy difficulty for Galarian Weezing Duo? Who is responsible for this? Now seriously though, the guide suggests using Psystrike Mewtwo would be like a walk in the park. We did the Duo, I had 2 maxed out Psystrike Mewtwos and 4 Psychic ones. While my brother had 2 Mewtwos and a bunch of maxed out Espeons and we beat it with 13 seconds left on the clock.

The same happened with Entei’s Duo raid difficulty. They put it as “Intermediate” but even with maxed out counters we beat it with 8 seconds left.

What are your thoughts on this? I totally disagree with the difficulty.


Are you best friends with your brother?

Because looking at Pokebattler it should be an easy fight with 6 maxed Mewtwo’s (each) and best friends… it is almost impossible with other Pokemon (except perhaps the best steel attackers in the snow).

We are. We have the top 5 best counters to Weezing.

You said it in that phrase. Who has 6 maxed out Psystrike Mewtwos? That’s a lot of resources. Guess difficulty should be based on counters that aren’t as resourcing-draining as they showd in the guide. They also said “Easy at trainer level 30 with optimized counters or weather boost.” I don’t think they made a proper difficulty statement, because otherwise they’ll said the Rhydon Solo raid is Easy having 6 maxed out Kyogre in rainy weather. However, even in that case you could fail the solo anyway because bad RNG and the fact the win ratio is really low %.


Care to list out both of your teams and levels then?

Screenshots would help as proof

But on another note why are you trying get to duo if you aren’t prepared…

Low manning raids is typically something for players with maxed out mons trying to give themselves a challenge or atleast that’s what I’ve understood of it.

For instance maxed psystrike mewtwos was just here for like a month so yeah a lot of players that are trying to duo this boss, have those mewtwos already…

I’m going to post the video tomorrow. I promise. These we’re our teams:

Me (JevilJoker)

  • Psystrike Mewtwo (2x)
  • Psychic Mewtwo (3x)
  • Shadow Ball Mewtwo (This one didn’t make it to the Raid anyway)


  • Psychic Mewtwo
  • Psystrike Mewtwo
  • Espeon (3x)
  • Meteor Mash Metagross (Filler)

We managed to make the duo anyway.

These guys had the right idea according to the difficulty.

Be honest. Not everyone has 6 maxed out Psystrike Mewtwo. And besides, I’m a short-manning raider. I’m aware on the setups before the raids. Watch any of my videos and you’ll know why. Not everything is as guides says. That’s we’re trying to prove.

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There are always some folks who will argue with you.

As a noob, I find several things like this frustrating - and thankfully, there are many here in this community that will help you out!

Here’s my beef, as someone who is relatively new to POGO (actually, like a great many people it seems, I played in 2016 and then left and came back recently - with the same effect as being new.)

I find it difficult to determine what is a GOOD pokemon because there are so many ASSUMPTIONS that the average noob is not aware of when referring to different Pokémon’s. Like Metagross. I was so excited when I finally got my first metagross. But it didn’t perform all that well and I had to do research to find out that what people mean when they say Metagross is a great pokemon is that METEOR MASH METAGROSS is an OP pokemon. The Metagross that most of us noobs have is a much less game-changing mon.

Until you learn about legacy moves and community days (I still recall wondering why there were so many RALTS everywhere that day - SMH - and regret missing out on the opportunity. But I feel like that the guides should be more clear when a pokemon is only great with a SPECIFIC MOVE and otherwise it isn’t really as significant at all. Eventually you learn all this - maybe. But at first it is confusing and often a noob has no idea.

Same goes for Legendary critters. I found ONE MEW TWO raid when it came back recently. I won the raid, and threw 16 or 18 balls, MANY of them excellent curve balls with Golden Raz and I did not catch the MEW TWO.

I was probably way too low level and had ridden the coattails of the other team members to win that raid. Similar for Raiku. My Raiku (won two raids, only caught one of the Raiku) is like 11, 10, 10 or something like that. So, while I consider it one of my best mons (with Thunder Shock/Thunder Bolt - not even the A moveset), there are many people here who would have tossed it out. (Just looked, it is 10,10,12)

And you see all kinds of takes - some will tell you that anything less than 15,15,15 is junk. Others tell you that IV’s are of very little importance., I lean towards the “not too important” side of things.

But my (long-winded) point is that - like you - I don’t have too many teams of awesome pokes, and often have one or two of a legendary pokemon like Kyogre or Groudon, etc.)

We just have to do the best we can with what we’ve got and it is helpful to have real world ratings.

P.S If you disagree with me, you are right and I am wrong and I’m sorry so please don’t yell at me. I don’t even know what I was thinking when i wrote it.


There is no way this was an easy raid. This was not an easy duo, even with a full team of lvl 30 Confusion + Psystrike Mewtwos. My team is listed at 50.9% in Pokegenie.

I’m a raid leader in my town and everyone struggled. Groups of 5 were comfortable. The smallest group I won with was 3, and that was as time expired.

To me, an easy duo should be winnable with auto-select mons. Intermediate should be winnable with commonly available Pokemon but you have to prepare a team and moves. Hard should require best friends, legacy moves, hard to find Pokemon, etc. Very hard should be technically doable. EG, maxed out, perfect mons, weather boosted, alignment of the stars, etc.


I like this breakdown. I’m in the same boat as a lot of people here in that I’ve been playing for a while and have lots of good poke, but few maxed out because I’m a casual player and simply don’t have the resources for it. FTR my wife and I had the same issue trying to duo GW today… both times we might have had it with a few more seconds, but we weren’t able to duo it despite having the appropriate counters at decently high levels.

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The guide clearly states level 35 is viable…

What’s the level of the mewtwos?

We have in total 3 Psystrike Mewtwo at level 40. While the other ones (6) had Psychic at level 40 too. This can’t be an easy difficulty raid. We barely managed to beat GW. They clearly don’t take in consideration regular counters and/or Pokemon that are most available for most players.

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It’s been a while I didn’t give much attention to Gamepress raid guide. I rather check Pokebattler. It gives you estimator, time to win, and even they are not as same as what you do, from their numbers and your experience you can get the sense.
Gamepress raid guides are too qualitative not quantitative, so it’s hard to get the sense.

One point that people failed to mention here, is the technical side of this game. Many players failed to realize that ping/lag is a major factor to PoGo. It many not be prominent in a large zerg-rush style raid group, but it is very obvious when it goes to solo or short-man raids.

A lot of times server lags and player input can hugely affect the overall Time to Win. Especially, Psychic-types since they like to come with large, but cumbersome moves like Confusion, Psystrike, and Future Sight.

Could it be that lag caused your perceived difficulty?

This is what caused his difficulty, it isn’t easy. With best friend and partly cloudy, I agree with your points about lag and losing seconds at the start but this poster tries these a lot. Ideal technically with maxed 15/15/15 and that isn’t just a walk/tap in a park

That isn’t the point to take in regular counters clearly :roll_eyes: they wanted the best stuff so they used a FULL TEAM OF 6, psystrike mewtwos level 35 or higher. You’re complaining about a guide that isn’t bending to you. If you don’t like how they do their guides then use something else because to people like me it seems clear “hey if you don’t have enough of this counter get more people”

Right there with you, tsteele93. I’m not exactly in the same situation as you, since I’ve done a lot more raiding. I HAVE multiple MewTwos of the types they’re talking about here. But when I look up other pokemon to figure out if they’re any good, I keep running into “Nah, they suck, compared to this legendary. They’re trash.”

Yes, but if you don’t HAVE five or six of every legendary in the game, how are they, you elitist assholes? Yes, I know that Tyranitar is one of the best or the best Dark attacker … or was, until Darkrai came out. But I don’t have 4 Tyranitars yet, so I need to know about others to fill that role, in the mean time.

And yeah, when I’m doing a bunch of raids, a 10/10/11 is just candy, but if you’re only able to get a couple … a 10/10/10 of the best species in its role is likely better than a 15/13/12 of the next best. I mean, there IS a huge difference between a 10/10/10 and a 100%er, but you work with what you have.

The community also needs to cater to people who don’t do 20 or 30 tier-5 raids a week. I usually get in 5 or 6 a week. I have a 2 year-old and a pregnant wife. I can only do so much.

I do a lot better on catching. For some reason, the RNG freaking loves me. I’ve caught so many legendaries on the the first toss, with a standard pinap and a missed great-throw attempt. I heard so many people complaining about how hard Darkrai was to catch, but I missed literally two or three out of the 23 or 24 Darkrai raids I did. No idea what’s up with that.


I’ve said something much like this for the LONGEST time. So many sites and YouTube videos on how to defeat [xxxxx raid] - IF you have a full team of the absolute perfect counters maxed out. I’m not sure if it isn’t more about sideways bragging than actually bring helpful. Call me crazy but I feel like two Best Friends who raid together and both have teams of maxed Psystrike Mewtwos surely already know their way around raids and dont need a YouTube vid for assistance. And yes, absolutely the stated difficulty is frequently off. Especially when “Easy” isn’t easy at all.

I’d love to see someone do vids on how to beat raids with suboptimal teams. Not one-offs just for fun but a regular series of vids for all the players who don’t have a nuclear answer to everything.

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That is true in general of most sites. You read that Metagross is a great pokemon. As a noob you go and get the Metagross and have no idea that what they mean is, IF YOU HAVE A SPECIFIC, NOW UNOBTAINABLE MOVESET, then Metagross is a beast - otherwise he is a pretty good pokemon in some situations.

Most of the writing aims at HARDCORE players who know what moves are legacy, have sets of six of everything and often HUNDO IV on their Level 3X (whatever the top breakpoint is, because they know that) mons and anyone starting out has to wade through the many acronyms and assumptions that are hard to know as a noob.

I think there is a huge potential for writers that are CLEAR about what it takes to have these mons AND who offer tips for the casual user and the pokemons they are likely to have.

Just my opinion, and those who are hardcore will completely see this differently. We all see it through the lens of our situation.


YES! THIS!!! The site write to the people who DON’T NEED the info anyway!!! It is a weird, and bizarre, assumption bias. And like you say, I don’t think it is intentional, but it is more like a “brag” than being helpful. It lets the write show how knowledgeable they are, but it doesn’t help the average noob understand how to do the raid.

Brilliant observation!