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hi everyone, i’m writing this post because i’m curious about who are you going to search as servants to join your chaldea. Personally I’m going to search Tamamo no mae lancer, i truly like her and i can’t wait her banner. I only have 90 quartz and i’m afraid i won’t find her but i’m hoping in a miracle. I know she isn’t that strong and we will have the opportunity to summon Nero Caster but i don’t care a lot… Then if i’m going to find my beloved Tamamo i will take my quartz to summon Merlin! And you?


Just joking, I like to get as many servants as posible but looking at upcoming banners in particular:

Francis Drake
Jojo Martha
Waver in the class-based (read: bait) summoning banner if possible
Scathach whenever her next banner is

I have long since given up on acquiring specific servants. I just roll a little bit and see what the Gods grant me (Shinji’s, it turns out, must’ve accidentally kicked a puppy somewhere).

For this year, I’m going to roll for Summer Umu. I’m also thinking about rolling for Summer Artoria but just thinking about the amount of seashells I’m going to need for the both of them makes me sad :neutral_face: So I’d probably just go for Summer Umu and that’s it.

You’ve got it the wrong way round, by giving you Shinjis you now have puppies to kick.

Likewise, EVERYONE

But for a F2P, That’s nothing but a dream.
I’m looking forward to Achilles the most at the moment, then Amakusa Shirou Tokisada, Semiramis, Mordred, Chiron, Atalante, Jack, Jeanne D’Arc, Vlad as well probably.

Ereshkigal too since I have fallen for her, But there’s still Merlin, Lancer Artoria, Sherlock, and whoever else.

With Clairvoyance EX, I’m even preparing for Kama, Asclepius, Sitonai, Okita Alter.

Hell, I even need to save for Gil Proto, Muramasa and a Berserker Jack that is not even here yet nor will they ever be.

With that, all of them better come at 3 Saint Quartz to help me save humanity or just feel free to come anytime. GACHA IS TRULY A BAD CIVILIZATION

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Martha Ruler is my next (and biggest) goal. I’m really not looking for anyone else until December, but I might roll some petty tickets and quartz (if any) during Nero Caster’s banner.
Next up will be Ereshkigal and Hokusai. Hoping to at least get one of them.
Then there’s Void Shiki… I don’t need any more AOE Sabers but, come on, it’s SHIKI. I need her.
Later Skadi during next year’s anniversary, and Saber Medb for Summer 2020 in NA
Then Lanling near the end of 2020, and truthfully, those are all Servants I’m planning to roll for. Everyone else that comes along is merely a surprise, though hopefully never a bad one :grinning:

I can’t seem to recall if Waver has any rateup in the future, but if he hasn’t spooked me yet by then, I might as well roll a few quartz on him if he’s in any banner. He’s the only support I’m interested in getting, until Asclepius comes to NA in like 2 years.

Sherlock is the next one I’m aiming for. I don’t have much saved up, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed he’ll come home. After that I’ll probably try for Umu Bride come Nerofest, and maybe the next Tamano rate up even if I don’t pull Sherlock as I’ve failed to get her on her most recent two appearances.

Good news, Journey to the West Rerun next year has him on rate up in rotation with Sanzhang. Also got the rerun of the Fate/Zero Collab which he has another rate up in.

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I’d really love for Shuten Douji, Hokusai, and Granpa Li Shuwen to join my Chaldea. I can’t keep my hopes up though, I think I’ll only be able to use a few tickets when their banners come up since my number one priority is getting Kiara to NP5, so am also praying for an EX miracle @@).

I hope you get Tamamo lancer this summer banner! Just a lil more wait

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Honestly my main target for the next 2 years is Murasaki and she’ll be out in 2021.
I’d also like to get Eresh and Skadi.
A Waver wouldn’t be wrong so I might take a dip in those reruns @ACExDiscostu93 mentioned.

This summer I’m only trying for Mordred and Raikou.
Except for Skadi I’m only aiming for Okada (3*) and Lanling during the entire next year.

Good luck with your rolls.

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That’s amazing, then! Will be saving up a handful of quartz to throw at him in hopes that he finally comes to my Chaldea. Although being spooked by him would be ideal, it’s still a dream Dx Thank you, though! Adding that to my future banners to look out for.


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Hoping to NP5 someone when you’re not a whale though huh.
Technically it’s the same as rolling for 5 different SSR banners and getting them.
Or if you’ve reached NP3, than either you have to kinda hope for NP5. NP3-4 % boost isn’t much. Or if you’re stuck at NP4 that’s awkard spot.
Plus sacrifice for other potential SSRs. Having different units is very much useful than single multilple NP levels.
Though nevertheless, must try your everything to show the waifus some love.

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i’ll just roll 30 quartz/10 ticket for every banner with cute servants. spray and pray.

Kind of off-topic, but are we getting extra missions this August? I can’t wait for that extra SQ if we are :smile:

Yeah, it’s quite a tough path I’m treading on, getting to NP5 might even take me the whole of NA FGO’s lifetime lol, but it’s really what’s really keeping me motivated. Whenever am in a battle with Kiara and she uses her NP, I just can’t help but think “Ooooh I can’t wait for the day I get you to NP5, even if it takes years”.
Right now my Kiara is just NP2, but I guess it’s better than NP1 at the very least @@)
I guess the good thing is that I’m aware of what I’m doing and it’s consequences, so even if in the end results are really really bad, I won’t be so regretful hahaha
But yes, just gotta try everything for the waifus!

But I am actually planning to buy just that 30 quartz for the GSSR, cause hey, even though the chances of getting Kiara is 1 to 50 something, guaranteed SSR :D

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Goodluck to you guys.

I just want Kiyolancer and Ereshkigal for the year.

Next year, MHXA.

Getting any of the big 3 supports sometime in the future would be nice though.

My long term goal is Shuten Doji and perhaps Semiramis. I’ve semi given up on Mordred, Jack and Gilgamesh. Short term are any of the summer servants. From the old list I wouldn’t mind getting Moe Rider, Kiyo Lancer or NP2 Tama-tan Lancer. I haven’t looked up the new summer ladies yet, but everyone raving about Summer Raikou, Nobu and Nero has gotten me interested.

Somewhere in between long term and short term are Ibaraki, Nero, and/or Atalante.

There’s also a servant I’m saving for even though I don’t know if she’s in the game or not. I’m pretty sure she’s in or will be in the game at some point but I haven’t looked it up because I want to be surprised when I do find her (or knowing Nasu, possibly him…). Based on pictures of the Summoning Banners I’ve seen, my instincts are telling me Shimosa is where I’ll have to gamble big.


I’ll roll a bit for Sherlock, but my next target is probably the Round Table CE from Summer 1 banner 2, the Enkidu CE from Summer 2’s second banner. After that, I want Fujino, Anastasia, Skadi, Summer BB, QSH, possibly Kama and Arjuna Alter