I don’t use armors or dragons but

FEH Unit Builder - Robin (M) (Fallen Heroes)
Maybe +Atk is a bit excessive.
He already has fierce breath and steady breath (before B!Ike’s refine), and Aether even Bold fight for mixed phase with breath and QR seal.
So I’ll be searching for lightning breath, Mirror stance, Crafty fighter, and pulse smoke
I forgot to give him his flowers but he has +8. I hope we get a free forma soul otherwise I’ll have to buy the $30 pack which is a lot for me. Unlikely though


I doubt we will get a free forma soul ever.

Grima always tempted me(got one +atk -spd), but being a 5* exclusive green armored, L!Hector comes first… And Now I have B! Edelgard to play with… Sadly he is kind of outdated, even if his statline merged is still nice!


I hate this so much :feh_elisad:

I hope he’ll get a refine soon, but since we’re talking about I.S, they’ll be like “haha, DC weapon refines go nope”.


Yeah, nope, no way we’re gonna get a free Forma Soul. You honestly think they’ll hand over a ton of rare skills for free?

Also I think Crafty Fighter is too new to be added to the HoF pool.


MGrima’s a bad case of “this unit’s really outdated”. WSothis is literally better in every way possible and I would say he’s the weakest dragarmour.

Sad because I love him. Hope he gets the busted refine he (and FGrima) deserves…

In 2023.


He isn’t terrible, but I wouldn’t mind a busted(Or even just normal) refinement. I’ll even take an HP and stat boost too…


No amount of Atk is excessive. Neat build!

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no Spd Meme?

Guess it’s just me…

I think RNG may be broken, as They gave me Spd Greil, then Spd Oliver, now this!!! Hardly a coincidence

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I got a bunch of speed stuff as well but this is what I have so far.

Trying to get a breath and qr seal with Bold fighter.
Don’t plan on buying it, too much money and I’d rather by a game than stuff in a game.

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RNG being very sus…

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