I don't get why people would think Alms CYL 3 alt will be a red archer

It doesn’t really have any connection to somewhere in his story arc, Gaiden didn’t had a weapon triangle, thus having no color to back up the red archer thingy.

It’s just a meme in my eyes tbh.


lets always hope he isnt a red archer together

even in seasonals


To be honest, it just might be.

I mean, we have a blue archer, and a few green ones currently, along with a myriad of colorless archers, but no red archers.

It’s probably because he could wield a bow upon promotion in Echoes, and this was before the L!Alm era, so Alm never had an alt until then.

That’s my theory, but I wouldn’t know.


Tbh I would actually rather want a colorless sword than a red archer.



ALL HAIL THE COLORLESS SWORD (no reason not to at this point plz IS(

I always said that the red bow thing came from memers. I don’t think anyone that actually cared much about Alm wanted this


I’d be fine if he was a red archer, but I think it would make more sense for Eliwood to be red.

It’s about time we get a red archer, but there are a lot of other characters that could fit that role.

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Heactor got a lance and Ephraim got an ax. I think Eliwood will be green or colorless.

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But he neeeeeeds Roy’s weapon or I’ll be dead


I mean, they had different colors per unit, so it makes a lot of sense for Eliwood to be a red unit (if not blue).

Camilla can be green and Micaiah can be a staff wielder.

In fe 7 Hector couldn’t use lances and Ephraim could never use ax’s. You can make a case for Hector since he’s a general in 6, but it doesn’t make sense to me. I honestly don’t think Eliwood will be red.

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I think it was them taking their friend or their dad’s weapon

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I don’t think it will be an archer at all, his legendary archer appearance is already busted
IMO it would be a waste
The idea of a lance alt in reference to Rudolf is better


Even though Rudolf is a cav he’s totally gonna be an armored unit. Im not ready for the disappointment (ad the new fighter skill)


Eliwood coming in with Armads!!!

B!Eph - dad
B!Hector - brother
B!Lyn - tribespeople
B!Lucina - promoted (?)
B! Veronica - appearance of Bruno
B!Celica - Gaiden appearance
B!Ike - dad (?)
B!Roy - Eliwood (dad)

A lot of them are based on people close to them, but a father imitating his son…? I don’t know if it’s been done before, but hey, it’ll be interesting.

Lilina w/Armads.

I’m just saying the fact that I think he will be a green unit and is best friends with Hector but that tiny girl would be terrifying with Armads…

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Lance cavalry could be also a little reference to Berkut
So I’m all for lance cavalry now
Because lance armour isn’t exciting at all


Imagine, a 17 year old boy wearing such a bulky armor that he can’t nearly move in it, with a lance and shield that’s heavier than himself.

I kinda want that tbh

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I would want that soooo much…
F!Berkut and Alm recking havoc on the battlefield. It would be beautiful…

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