I don't know what is wrong with my luck

I have never posted anything in here before, but this time I had to do something. Last time I pulled Skadi with 3 tickets and that is why I had around 380 quarts to spare so I decided to pull for BB seeing that she was fun to play and I had quartz to spare.

These are the results, let me remind you that I had around 400 quartz

Hey, at least you got them. Sucks for your SQ but hey, you got BB NP2, even.

There are many horror stories in salt threads of Reddit and GP of attempts with ~1000 SQ but no SSR spooks even.

I see your situation as a victory.

Edit: Welcome btw

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That’s gatcha for you, somedays, you’re lucky, somedays you aren’t, and somedays you have ex luck

Doesn’t 300sq give you a 50% chance of getting a rate up servant? Idk seems to me you were pretty lucky there. FGO be stingy like that.

Also welcome :fgo_ereshlove:

Just so you are aware, this kind of post is exactly what the roll thread is for.

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uhhh, if that’s true, okitan should’ve answered me, but the only things i got were pains, and a lot of them

It’s true, but sadly there is always a chance of just getting bad rolls :woman_shrugging: sorry about your okitan rolls tho, hope you’ll get her in the future!