I don't mind 'Alt only hell'

…For the right characters. Which most of them are.

Main reason is that I feel like there are so many characters in FE, and ‘only’ like 5-6 new character each month that aren’t seasonal. Especially for 3H, for which we need a ton of loved characters, it’s gonna take a long while at this pace. So I don’t mind a few of the less serious and major characters being added like this. Hell it can open them up for post timeskip as their main version instead of pre. But even if they stay alts only, Ingrid and Sylvain are fun picks for it.

My only regret here is that I think Golden Deer would have been more fitting.

Btw, if the TT unit is also 3H, I wouldn’t mind Ashe.


don’t hurt me like this fam

i’m struggling as is


Well, there’s now a bigger chance for a normal banner with em.


They somehow made Rhys an absolute freaking Cinnamon Roll and a summer unit all at once!

As for 3H, I just want to see the :salt: over X unit got stuck in “alt only hell”


Normal Rhys honestly might have been a tad boring. I feel this Rhys has a neat unique design.


Summer Rhys is precious and I love him! It’s unfortunate I won’t have the Grails for him cause Ashnard got released right before him


Please no more Tellius, at least for a while…


Also given how Jorge ended up high in CYL4, if IS did add him I’d rather him be a seasonal only alt than take up a spot on a Tellius new hero banner.


Not sure why you’re mentioning this here, but K


Because most of the last few alts have been Tellius, and we don’t need more right now.

We will never get all units as OG units so I’m completely fine, when some of them are seasonal only.

3H really got enough new hero banners and the next brave hero banner is also completely 3H based this time while there isn’t a single seasonal banner with them. So yeah it’s time they get one and I won’t mind if some of them are seasonal only.

Tellius on the side has the longest stretch on a new hero banner now and it’s time they get one, even if people don’t like that because of all the seasonals, which I also don’t like on a certain point and rather prefered new heroes. ^^


That entire watermelon, wasted :feh_nobulli:


Better in the game as a Seasonal than not at all. If anything it’s a higher chance of them being more unique.

Not being general pool hurts pulling for more copies though.


My only concern with the alt only hell is when the unit I like needs 2700 grails to be maxed. Otherwise I like to see the units in the game, specially if the alts are as good as Rhys’ is.


I actually don’t mind it either since it means that some people will get a character they like. I can understand why it’d make fans of those characters upset, but having even just a seasonal variant only is better than them not being in the game. You don’t know how much I’d want even a seasonal variant of Luthier if it means he’s finally playable a̶n̶d̶ ̶I̶ ̶c̶a̶n̶ ̶f̶i̶n̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶s̶p̶e̶n̶d̶ ̶m̶y̶ ̶o̶r̶b̶s̶.

For some characters, especially less popular ones, it’d be a blessing for them to get even just a seasonal variant.


There’s so many characters in FE in general and not enough banners to go around. So having characters with only alts means they’re at least in the game, and you can get them if you want :feh_nini:
It might not work as well for more serious characters, but I think sillier characters can probably still act very in character while on a picnic trip :feh_birbpeek:


It just sucks that some Students are getting shafted over others, as they are all equally important. I would totally get if the Staff besides Rhea & Manuela getting shafted Hopes for Summer Alois, but the Students don’t deserve it I feel.
But I’m not against the Seasonal Alts as with Shigure & Fiora, they showed they aren’t stuck in that. So I can wait for Charlotte & my boi Dozla to get their OGs.


Sigrun: :feh_lynstare:

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I was originally writing her name, but kept misspelling it; so I went with Fiora out of frustration.


Something I’m hoping for 3H:
That now the alts are pre timeskip, they will get an original version post timeskip later.