"I expected nothing from you and still you achieved disappointing me"

Do you know that feeling when your expectances on a person or group of are nonexistent and your hope in them is lost, but they still get to do things a bit worse each time amd find a way to surprise you in a very bad way?

That’s what I feel with the events of this month. First of all, Lickitung, I love the shiny but once Niantic seemed to have learn the lesson they go and put… Legacy Body Slam? Really? This makes very little sense if I have to be honest. I just hope Lickitung is bad for Great so I won’t care.

Second of all, we got, by far, the worst research reward we ever had. With no shiny chance and 0 use, I can speak in everyone’s name when I say we all have lost 4 reward pokemon. Even floral Eevee could be shiny, at the very least! But this?

The less relevant of bad things is Tornadus who was possible to see coming from lightyears away and had to be released someday. Not complains, too bad they don’t do a shiny possible in their debuts but not bad anyway.

Fortunately to compensate it there are completely necessary new shiny releases, for what was being time, and I am glad they will release it.

And what do you think about the February events? What are your opinions and expectances for mistery bonuses?


I only go out playing pokemon go if there are events really… and they’re not lacking this month. But… I’m only a little bit satisfied.

The first announced event - the new Rocket quest - is… well… okay? I do them every month, and I don’t really want it to be possible that people can stack their quests for like when shadow Mewtwo comes out and I’ll be stuck with only one chance. I’m not thrilled about this, not disappointed.

The second announcement - the woobat field research breakthrough - yeah I feel you on this one brother. My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined. What a stupid joke. Why not the three dogs or regis or something?

Tornadus is actually what really disappointed me. I was hoping that the sinnoh legendaries came back now in their shiny form. But nooooooo here will be another 3 months of useless legendaries (Landorus has use, but Excadrill still exceeds it. And even if not what the hell man we got Groudons Rhyperiors (possible CM day coming up too) Swamperts Mamoswines and maybe a few Garchomps… Ridiculous. I like raiding the most in the game, and this is, well, a disappointment.

Sinnoh event is what excites me the most, although I absolutely hate hunting shiny forms through hatching. Its a disgraceful way of sucking money out of my pocket. Which will work as I am hungry for that riolu and gible.

Valentine’s day event… Yeah I don’t care really. 2x catch candy is fine. Lickitung raid day is… well, okay. Tier 4 dont give many rare candy so I wont be grinding about 40 raids on this one as I usually do

Friendship event… meh, some trades are cheaper. So many hoard stardust anyway, what’s that 20k or 40k stardust gonna do lol. If there’s no increased chance of lucky friends then I am not interested in anything of this friendship thingies

I’m curious about Spotlight hours. This actually sounds pretty fun. No idea what to expect, though. But I wouldn’t like unannounced incubator bonuses

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Woobat is interesting…not a bad idea for a new release so I’m a little excited about that. To be honest, there was no point in getting multiple legacy-Lapras, one is all I’m keeping (aside from maybe 1 to trade) so getting several of something truly new is interesting. And Swoobat looks decent for PvP (like a cheap Xatu).

Tornadus will be fun to Smack-Down :wink: but that’s about it. Not a fan of the genie designs…

Licktung raid does seem weird. :confused: Not a huge fan.

Never been a huge follower of shiny releases since they are all dependent on RNG so no big appeal there.

Yay Sinnoh event, maybe I can FINALLY GET A FREAKIN GIBLE!!! :rofl:

Shadow Raikou: called it! :sunglasses: February Giovani reward

As for these “special” event hours: one of them is going to be Rotom release. You heard it here first folks!

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Yes a Rotom release would be very cool!

But Swoobat interesting for PvP? How so? I just looked up it’s moveset and it can only cover Flying and Psychic… they may hit hard with STAB, but this pokemon is an absolute joke to anything of a dark or steel typing. I’m not an expert, but… this doesn’t look like something that will be relevant anywhere. Also looks more of an expensive xatu

I do quite like the idea of Lickitung getting a raid day. Shiney looks nice. Not really meta relevant, so IVs don’t really matter.

Although in pvp normal types don’t suck really. One weakness, no resistances, ghost immunity, stab moves NE only for rock and steel… Lack of good moves is really the only problem, although Body Slam is the exception.
I guess body slam and power whip should be quite OK, although skarmory and some other m

That being said… Miltank raid day when? Getting a new fast move would be great to live up to the troll levels of the MSG and Rollout sounds like a perfect candidate for this. With its bulky stats and having Body Slam as well as Ice Beam, it would be quite an annoyance. Blue Milka gets my seal of approval.

I don’t Tornadous. It was obvious they would wait with Palkia, Dialga and Giratina origin’s reruns. This beind said, Tornadous needs to get a better flying charge move though. They now buffed several moves recently, so why not give Hurricane better stats… either this or introduce Acrobatics. This move is learned by a lot of mons as well.

Woobat is a pathethic choice. Tornadus also make me pain. i waiting for Unnova Dragons or even Landorus with 700 RC in my bag to park on them, then we got another average Legendary.

But all other thing looks promising, especially 6 h lures. My 2 home pokestops like it!

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Does Lickilicky even get Body Slam when you evolve it?

If it isn’t, count me out (Otherwise I can have something to run Ultra League for when maxed)

Shedinja , that is still the most useless breakthrough to date; and don’t you forget it!
That said, I’m cashing in an unnecessary Lapras in the hopes for trading value while angling for an extra March reward. Odds are that it will be better.

Tbh Woobat > Eevee/Lapras anyday, at least this is something new and not something we were pretty much guaranteed to get already

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I was looking at moveset and stats (Swoobat>Xatu, Confusion>feint attack) and that cheap 2nd charge move. Forgot about the cost of raising it from lvl15 to lvl30… :stuck_out_tongue:

Shadow Raikou is nice. Tornadus is ok. The rest? Don’t care. Too many little, unimportant events. Better things to do.

The best thing about the Lickitung raid day is it being t4 which means 6 guaranteed charge TMs (if you have your pass still from the day before)