I exploted

I don’t really know why I became so angered yesterday, usually I don’t get this mad
I’m really sorry for this, specially since I lashed out to a lot of people, I kinda wished I could seek therapy as I have been getting angered easily lately and I hate it
I wish I could just remove the emotion anger, but then again is unhealthy to bottle up emotions
But it’s also unhealthy this explosion of anger I had :catcry:


About this

Imo it’s not about bottling up emotions, it’s about expressing them in a constructive and measured way. If you don’t like something, you don’t need to shut up and pretend you do. For example, I’m actually mad at what IS did with Mercedes by making her a 5* exclusive with a mediocre at best statline and no pfr weapon and mentioned it on another thread, but I wasn’t the only one so you’ll probably see posts about other users like Squalala or Daisy ranting about it too and what they both did is fine and are good examples of how to vent about these things. When reading them you can tell that while they weren’t supressing the annoyance they felt they just weren’t letting themselves be dominated by it.

It’s about finding a middle ground in which you listen to your emotions and act accordingly without losing control. It’s ultimately about being in control of your emotions and not the other way around :catroll:



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I think I’m mostly mad because he has duel skill, I hate these skills and the fact that it’s going to be used like this in arena instead of loving him :feh_mariannecry:


And the fact that is the second time a unit I want is five star exclusive meaning I don’t have. Alot of chance at getting him
Nevermind the fact that I only have 41 orbs currently

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Well you’re kinda right there, I too think it sucks when a unit you want to use comes with that skillinstead of a practical A slot one, but it is what it is and I guess some units have to be added with those :catroll:

About the demote thing, I think that’s a bit of a double edged blade thing. On one hand if they’re dthe demote they’re easier to get, but they’re also worse units overall and you’ll probably have to invest more on them to make them work. Also, demotes are susceptible of being outclassed easily and shortly after they’re released and while this can also happen with 5* cough, Mercie, cough it happens less often

The banner will be up for a month and we should get like 320 orbs or so? So chances are you’ll get him anyway if you pull until it’s over :feh_ashepeek:




Find a creative or productive way to direct your anger.

Crapping on what could be someone else’s favorite getting in, certainly isn’t the way.

You can’t get better if you don’t try, and you’ll just keep doing it. Eventually, you’ll lose people you might like to interact with because of the caustic behavior.


So I guess this is a good place to say a couple things:

  1. venting isn’t that bad, and personally I find it helpful sometimes, but you do need to be careful about how you do it.
  2. The one thing that really bothers me the most about your posts of this kind in general is how you bash others for liking their favorites (i.e. women) while in other posts getting frustrated when people call you out for liking guys. There are ways to be angry without getting involved in that discussion at all, and people are free to like and want what they like and want
  3. therapy. It can be very helpful, and I’m sure I and others would recommend it, but I understand that depending on where you live and what your financial situation is it can be hard to get. If you want to talk to someone at least, you may feel free to DM me (I am not a mental health professional, but am at least an adult, with some interesting life experiences, that is all I can offer)

Anyway, I am glad you apologized, and I hope you feel better.


I understand, it kinda annoys me too to see one of my favourite characters, Ced, being used almost only to inherit pulse smoke :catcry:

But at the same time people do what they want with their accounts, you can’t expect everyone to be attached to the same characters you are and a lot of people play the game competitively so they just don’t care who they fodder

The people who want to summon Ashe only for b duel cavalry wouldn’t have summoned for him anyways, so they probably didn’t care for him from the start

Be happy for yourself that you got a character you like in the game instead and find other fans of said character who wouldn’t fodder him off!


Yes that would be
And being positive so he cam come home


I’m rooting for you!


Thank you