I feel bad for Boudica

Now, I’m not talking about her character design. I’m one of those few people who didn’t completely hate it. To me it’s okay. No, I’m talking more about her stats and kit; she REALLY got screwed over.

Her anti-Roman skill is borderline useless (until her rank up), her guts could have been something more fitting and her party wide arts up can be outperformed fairly easily, even at Max level. Her only saving grace is her fully upgraded NP, which can really buff up the party, but there’s one significant problem with that; Mash fullfills the exact same role but better. Better defense on demand, invincibility, self-targeting, NP battery and more decent stats. Two biggest things, however are that Mash has a lower star weight (while Boudica absorbs all of them) and that Mash has a lot more flexibility due to no team cost.

All that said and done, it’s no wonder Boudica has it so bad in several tier listings. Hopefully we can get an avenger version of her in the future that’s more well-thought out.


Well, that and hopefully one or two more buffs for her rider version so she’s decent at least. I’m not a fan of just making a new version of a character in order to replace a weak version (RIP Lancer Diarmuid). Basically I believe in the power of buffs being able to save even the worst of characters (it worked for Fionn, he got his whole kit buffed).


Well the problem with that is that I don’t think there’s a lot to do with her to fix her core problems, those being her low stats/hit counts and her high star weight. DW doesn’t ever seen to do updates for stats and hit counts, so the former is gone, and the latter is due to her classing, which harshly goes against her support role. She was just all-around horribly designed. Along with Caster Gilles, the only solution I can think of is completely retooling them.

The biggest insult is that bloody Bride buff on the same day as the Boudica buff, sasuga DW.

Anyway, on JP Boudica works as a plugsuit/sacrifical buffer (https://www.bilibili.com/video/av71944810). 50% crit buff and 20% Arts buff is really decent value out of a free servant without considering the anti-Roman buff, once she cast her skills plug her out or sacc her with taunt CE. No point to let her stick around with that Rider starweight and uninspiring NP.

If you think about it, a lot of low star supports like Shakes and Mozart are mostly one-time buff bots and they are considered good nonetheless. Boudica is almost there with them now, just need to upgade BC to give targetable charge or stars (and don’t let BC proc on herself, it will get in the way of the taunt strats).


Actually, Umu bride did get hit count update during her animation update, so as much as DW rarely ever does it but it seems like they will do it, it just depends whether it’s their favorite servant or not


Iskandar before his interlude gain more NP gain

Very good point. Particularly with the advent of her quite nasty crit-buff I don’t quite follow what people’s problem with her is - also, I see it as ample reason to send a couple grails her way once it’s live on NA. :fgo_umu:
Regarding BC, as I brought up before, adding a star weight down to it like what Bartholomew got may also be an idea. Otherwise, since we are set to get a couple more blue-centric horse-icons in a few (Ryouma, Reines, smol Vinci, Mandricardo), I’m looking forward to experimenting with her in those setups.

Myself, I like where Queen red-head is at as is, since she served Zaynab tremendously well during Nerafest last year

Because yes, that Arts-buff is good civ - and doesn’t require as ridiculous an amount of materials as Hohenheim’s, say.

You bring up Mash, so I feel I should point something out. You can use both, and combined with say, Hans, you can get a cheap Defense stacking team running. Definitely not a bad thing especially for a F2P that may not have access to many stall-oriented Servants.


There definitely exist skills that lower star gather rate, so it wouldn’t be hard to staple that effect onto her Arts buff at a 3 turn effect with 5 turn cool down maybe.

The issue with Boudica (and some other Servants) is that they didn’t seem to go into designing her with a clear goal in mind the way they did with Mash. To fix her, they really need to sit down and decide what she’s supposed to be. If they wanted an alt Mash who maybe sacrifices a little defense for some offensive party boosting, that could work. But it’s going to take more than just a crit up on Vow of the Goddess.

Honestly, Rider’s exist far better as DPS or hybrids. Full support on a class with such high star weight is shooting yourself in the foot to begin with. Kind of why I think Georgios is overrated…


Now if only they’d increase the hit count of Ushi’s A and Q cards by 1.


Same for proto cu, you can’t get a crit without some stars :fgo_jeannu:

i wish emiya didnt hog all the interludes and let boudica have some to atleast change first skill to targets humanoids

As mentioned by Pandarilla, they sometimes switch up hit counts with animation updates, so hopefully they give her some animation updates. With how her NP looks in Arcade they definitely could upgrade her in FGO.

All it took was four years but I’m glad Boudica eventually graduated from trash to passable or even fine.


She still need an animation update
So hopefully DW can give her some love


I really don’t understand what people hate about her character design. Is it because she’s wearing lingerie to combat? Really? Out of all the inaccuracies in servant lore that’s what bothers you? And also, Fate started because of a literal porn visual novel, where people have actual sex, if you’re offended by the sex appeal and fanservice in FGO then you’re literally playing the wrong game.

As if people have ever read Fate for the incredibly laughable, and altogether few, ero scenes in the first place.

I don’t really understand why some people have no idea ‘context’ is a thing.

Skimpy sexy attire on a swimsuit servant? Makes sense.

Bizarre, fetishy gear on a queen whose backstory involved her getting flogged and her daughters raped? Very questionable.

And lmao thinking the ero scenes as the highlight of Fate…“educated prostitutes” and “defenseless anus” are truly the pinnacle of Fate.


What is it with these handful of people saying this? In a world were stuff like Game of Thrones exists no less.

You’ll see more sex(As in in actually see no less) in the average R rated movie than you will Fate. I have no idea where this comes from other than pure ignorance at this point.


I like how there was only one offhand mention about Boudica’s appearance in an entire discussion that was focused on her gameplay and you think everyone hates her because obviously we’re all a bunch of prudes who can’t handle sex appeal and fanservice.

Also, just because the series started with h-scenes doesn’t mean that we aren’t allowed to criticize how the series handles sex appeal and fanservice. Let’s be real, there are a number of scenarios and situations where fanservice wasn’t necessary and the scene could easily be the same without it and in some cases could probably be even better