I feel like a damn fool... Cautionary tale for new or unorganized players

Ever since Astraea arrived to NA I was pouring most of my free resources and even bought a 25 dollar pack to try my luck on getting her. Sadly, to no one’s surprise she didn’t come home.

“But Ryusun-senpai!” - My imaginary Mash when playing the app said. “We do have that other option!”

“Yeah! We can raise the waifus that have interludes and strengthening quest to try and get more Saint Quartz! Mash, you are a genius!”

So yesterday I put out of my second archive all of the servants that I was going to raise to the bare minimum to do those quests. But something unexpected happened yesterday and I had to log out of the game. Something really stupid, careless and truly regretful happened a few hours ago by the time this post is online.

While I was summoning with the remaining FP for embers, I obtained a stupidly lucky amount of gold embers to raise and many servants to boot. Ever since I realized that burning 3 stars gave me mana prisms so I could buy more consistently embers from the shop when I wasn’t in the mood for farming them, I automatically burned them.

And guess what the hell happened because someone didn’t remember to lock them on at the time they came home?


I can’t believe that happened! They were with me from the start! Medusa was my second rider after Ushiwakamaru, I believe! Now I have to try my luck to NP5 them again and worse for me since I was really proud of having them with that old sweet 2018 date on them!

People, experienced players know this but when you get the servant that you want, even if you put the option on automatic, make sure that they are locked so you can never burn them. I feel so sad and I wish it was reversible but thankfully I didn’t burn gold servants. Now they are properly locked.

Good bye Medusa, Serenity and Mata Hari from 2018… I’ll ressummon you and raise you soon. Even if it isn’t the same :fgo_ereshdistress:


My lesson to start locking people came when I was clearing space from all the excess stuff after rolling FP once and I accidentally burned the free Jaguar Warrior :catroll:

I owe her for the lesson. Glad she’s on the Gilfest banner this year so I can get her back.


Ouch, yeah I learned about locking within my first week and just locked everybody. Doesn’t it auto-lock the first copy of a new servant though, or am I imagining that?


I know it does for Gold Servants, but I think you need to do it yourself for everyone else


When I rolled FP summon on JP the other day, it did auto lock my first copies of all Servants, which surprised me.

I can’t remember whether or not it happens yet on NA for all, but it didn’t used to.


It does for the first new copy


I only started locking my low rarity servants recently when the Interlude campaign happened and I was looking for some servants that went missing, only to realize I probably burned them accidentally.

Also, when you have multiple copies of a single servant, it becomes a pain to remember which one has the higher NP levels when you’re choosing which one of them to burn for MP and QP

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Another tip I would give is to raise all your keeper servants by few levels just so it pushes them up from the bottom of the list (if you’re sorting by levels).
That way, all your fodder servants are at the bottom and are easy to burn.


were they fully leveled?

Pretty much this, it’s what i did when i still didn’t have a full maxed roster, just level them a bit so that it makes things easier for you when you’re mass burning for MPs.

It looks better too so you don’t have servants mixed with embers but instead all of them are on top of the list.

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Can I add you ??? :fgo_ereshwoah:

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Good bye Medusa, Serenity and Mata Hari from 2018

make sure that they are locked

Okay, I’m quite amazed that you didn’t manage to lock a servant after - more or less - 3 years into a game
Since I don’t believe that they were locked and then you’ve unlocked them for whatever reason and then forgot to lock them back again


The QoL that locks new unit (iirc yes - it should lock low stars too) was released June last year

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I remember burning all my copies of Izou. Luckily he is easy to get because he is a 3* and I noticed it quickly. Had to whale to compensate my error though.


If you had to whale to get him again i wouldn’t say he is that easy to get. I treat my limited 3* as if they were SRs.


If you mean on JP, you probably wouldn’t want to since I’m a Mashface there. My account has nothing.

On NA I’m full, but can bookmark you for when a spot opens.

Its fine either NA or JP :fgo_jeannyes:

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we all had this moment. I remember burning maxed out euryale before starting camelot and feeling really dumb

Izou? Easy to get? I got more SSRs chasing that tsundere than the tsundere himself!


I’m always surprised by the number of people who seem to have done similar stuff. I’m no longer sure what I was trying to do as it was really early in my game but I found myself fighting with the locked and selected flags, to a point where I had to google how the damn thing worked. I’m pretty sure it was mostly the “select” button who was confusing me at first and I had probably selected a bunch of random stuff thinking it was about selecting multiple cards (which is actually done through hold-select, obviously).
Once the interwebs taught me better, I instantly locked and selected all my first copies of everything. Because I know I’m prone to auto-pilot stupid mistakes. (Same reason why I still keep skill confirm on)

Newbie tip : at the result screen of a multi-roll, you can click on a card to check it, and you’ll have the lock/select buttons directly available. Use it immediately to lock the eventual event CEs that you probably want to keep. I also immediately select any new servant (I tend to disable the “not selected” filter for clarity)

And before burning stuff, start by checking “enhance > NP” and “enhance > CE”.