I feel like a damn fool... Cautionary tale for new or unorganized players

Been a while… he costed me less than 500 SQ to get 5 copies. Still… I may have rolled for him but he was benched and I never felt the need to use him.

A waste of SQs for a mere shirasaya.

Note: send servants you like but don’t often use to 2nd archive. No chance of accidental burn :fgo_bigbrain:

This is why I have made myself adhere to three simple rules in every gacha-game I play or have ever player: lock/favorite everything that is high-rarity or useful, always link your account or use backup systems to safekeep your account, and never use any auto-sell systems. Saves a ton of headache on the long run.

I did that a few months after I reached the limit of 300 space at the time, but the feature of auto locking was introduced by the time I started burning 3-stars that I already safeguarded. It still hurts but at least with the free summon of yesterday Mata Hari came home 2 times plus the ones I managed to save after I realized my gruesome mistake. Now I need one more copy of her and five of Medusa and Serenity each :catcry:

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Happened to me. I got all 5 copies of Bunyan I’m pretty sure and I even locked her so I don’t burn her accidentally. Somehow, I must have burned the last copy cuz when I was merging the copies, she ended up only np4. I looked all over my archive and inventory but I just cannot find the last copy to np5 her. Forgive me, Bunyan :sob:

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Ouch, that sux. :fgo_brynsad:

I hurried to check my own and they seem safe. The Salieri I got today got locked automatically, so I think DW made an update later on which locks the first ever servant of the 0*-3* grades.