I finally did it. And some reflection about it

After years of trying, after years throwing the towel several times, after spending around 120 duel marks and after many struggles, I finally got my first crown.

I finally, FINALLY, reached Tier 21.

And the team that brought me to victory is this.

For those who remember my devotion to Tiki, she challenged yet again with a now standard build of PRF/Reposition/DC/Aether/Lull/Smoke/QR and Byleth and Mininerva had their base kit plus some small changes and seals… but the real MVP was my updated Cordelia :feh_ilovelucy:

She and Legendary Byleth were MVP on the whole ordeal. Byleth is bonkers. Cordelia with her new toys was insane.

There were several maps that really pissed me off because you don’t have ways to truly move around like the double wall map. In one match in particular I faced a full Whale-Team of Edelgards and I was eventually overrun. And yet, when I saw I could reach 750 score points with my team, I kept trying. And well… it was an achievement for me.

An achievement that I don’t want to do again.

You see, after the euphoria of victory passed away, I saw how broken and unfair the arena system can be in reality with my own eyes. Matches will prioritize lower score teams and that wastes you duel crest and time to obtain the better scores, 70% of the maps are either badly done, favor the enemy team or gives advantage to specific movement types, and if your best bonus unit sucks because of the powercreep, you are going to have a bad time. And those frustrations aren’t worth the crown and one measly extra orb.

Still, when I decided to fodder a spare Peony and Erynis for BF Duelist 4 and the Rein skills, giving new life to Cordelia, I remembered why I love Fire Emblem. Even if the scoring was a pain, seeing my Cordelia -who has been with me since I started my Summoner career - do a great job at killing and softening enemies was fun. I didn’t have fun in arena, but I had fun using my Cordelia in a more aggressive approach.

And it only took two skills for her to realize that potential, reminding me of the first time I gave premium and powerful skills during their release to my Tiki, Lucina and just having fun. And that’s the sad part of it.

It is a shame that the skills that can make any F2P unit unique, viable and fun in harder content and PVP are locked in the summoning pool. The summoning system is the fatal flaw of Heroes as a whole but we are too deep to change it. If toilet papers and rotations were increased to compensate for it then it would be a bit better for F2P and unlucky ones to make more dream units.

In any case, I wrote too much already. Thanks for reading me and thanks to you all who have giving me advice whenever I ask for builds. Specially to TeaTime who always inspires me to focus on my favorites and giving them the best you can get.


I mean, it is a gacha. The summoning is pretty central to it. Don’t get me wrong, I would love some more F2P stuff and FEH is a little skewed, but most stuff being locked to summoning is expected.

Congrats on the crown!

I also only have one, and it’s from when Lynja was a bonus unit and I did the same thing you did (rerolled until I got the matches I needed, and barely scraped into t21; I was scoring less than you, at about 744/6 per match).


Yeah, the gacha can be a cruel mistress.

Wait… Lynja was released like 9 months ago. Damn, I expected to hear that you got more in that span of time. Then for me will be even more hopeless, then :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the congratulations.


I tried for a bit, then gave up. Wasn’t worth my time. Like I said, she was the bonus unit. I’ve come close a few other times, but never passed that threshold. Well, I am merging Lynja, so perhaps I will rise again.