I finally got my Lon'qu build

So I finally made to put my hands into not one but two close calls so now I just wanted to share mi nice and cute Lon’qu

Still missing LnD4 Y.Y


lol, I never realized how strange some of the English<->Spanish translations are.

I use close call and time’s pulse on raven. I was considering using life and death 4, but I think it is almost strictly worse than atk/spd push 4, or even atk/spd solo. You’re basically taking a less def/res for no benefit. You don’t actually want to lower your def/res just because you have damage reduction, unless reducing damage from aoe is super important to you.


Or you can just use Flashing Blade 4.


The translations are from the JP source and they are bad in every language. The English phrase for high–risk is Life OR Death, not Life and Death.


It’s closer than the Spanish translation. In Spanish, it is literally “Give and Take”, but close in meaning “all over the place”, or “everywhere”.



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I’m surprised nobody @Eflakis

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Have they been on? I feel like I’m seeing them less and less recently.

He’s been on earlier anyways.

17 for defensive stats. Such sacrilege…

I’m jk. He looks scary :feh_legion:

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I just go to the mafia threads, to be fair


Well the more dmg you reduce the better

No, that’s not how math works.

(50 enemy atk - 20 def) * 0.6 = 18 (lnd 4)
(50 enemy atk - 25 def) * 0.64 = 16 (a/s solo)

And btw, that is the worst case scenario for a/s solo. Usually it is full multiplier for both