I forgot that the new heroes banner will repeat

I want to do Louise. I thought about spending orbs from every TT to get a copy or more. But I can join until it appears again in the repetition. And it still has spark.


Not all new banners get reruns. And chances for this particular one are pretty low. He is in between a 3H banner with Near Save and the most than likely new Fallen banner.


While it does have a chance to be reran, keep in mind that there is no guarantee whatsoever. When the banners lose too many times, they cannot be voted for anymore. If you have not sparked yet, I would recommend doing so on this banner, because the opportunity might not appear again. Good luck if you decide to pull :catwave:


Obviously,try to reach the spark on this one nd then save up for potential rerun.


Fortunately, I reached the spark. And I took the Pent and 100 Df red. Now I want Louise because the percentage is 4: 75%. But I only have 4 lol orbs. But he saw to spend everything that comes on the banner. And as you indicated I will add. Although I have B. Marth before.