I gived up

I saved 160 sq for Nero… Or better I saved 80 euro for Nero… And I used all of them for the assassin + extra banner.
I got something good (actually a great pull, several 5*ce, 2 emiya assassin and assassin of Shinjuku. And Jack of course)
But now I can pull for my bride!!

To be fair I do not need bride, but love> gameplay…

I am sorry Nero, the heart is strong but the flash is weak!

and I thought throwing 6 sq into story summon was a lack of discipline for me. Thank you Exa, you have given me hope on saving now.


And those are the kind of mistakes that F2P masters would never do

Normally I would say go explode for getting Jack but since you are kinda F2P congrats on getting Jack and good luck on next draw… Don’t worry Nero will not miss you


Wait, you can or can’t?


Okay, so you give up on what? I don’t think I understand.

Can t*. Since my keyboard is set for Italian sometime it will “correct” what I am trying to say.
Not to mention my written English is not that good

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Give up to temptation.

ah, that makes more sense. And yeah, sometimes that happens. But, in your case, it’s not a terrible decision. The result is quite great, good for you, man. And you can still save up a bit quartz for Nero rate-up. While the odds is not that high, at least you can try your luck there.
Good luck for that.

I also spent all my Nero fest quarts on illya and trying to get Jack. Unfortunately I got nothing but congrats on Jack, she is a powerhouse and will be for the next couple years! Definitely better than Nero and she’s my one true waifu!

Oh man, have I got you beat. When I started that was what I would always use. I think all in all I’ve done like 5 ten rolls and like 20 Yolo rolls on story banner. In my defense, it got me really good CEs and servants.

I’ve been in your shoes before. Saved up like 150 SQ to use on both year’s summer banners, and I spent like 90 SQ on Sherlock’s banner.

At least I got good stuff from Yolo rolls for once