I got my first Cipher cards

I just kind of wanted to share this, but recently I decided to buy some cipher cards, and today I got 4 of the 7 that I ordered. And this batch has more of my favorite characters so I was very happy when the package arrived today. :feh_nino:
So here are the cards I got…

Mozu is my favorite one and I am just so happy that I got her card at all, and of course I have to get Severa because of how much I use her in Feh, and her card is just so cool.
And I have officially started saving for when they add Mozu in the game, right now I have this…

I know 43 isn’t too much, but it is the most I saved in a while so I’m really happy.
The last 3 cards should be coming in later this week, so I’ll probably update this thread after they arrive. :feh_petrawink:
I’m just so happy right now and I wanted to share what I got today.


Ooooo those Cipher cards look amazing! I hope you can also get Mozu when she gets into Heroes


Honestly I hope so too, hopefully she comes this year but who knows with IS.


Good purchase, my dear friend and may you be lucky in the cards and invocations.

They are taking too long to bring books and cardgames to the West. I would buy everything. And certainly a lot of people.

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So today the other 3 cipher cards came in! :feh_catria:

Azura’s card is honestly just beautiful.
Then also they gave me a free Ewan card

I don’t know why I got him for free but I was genuinely happy when I saw how I got him as an extra.
Getting these cards honestly made my day.