I got Sonya!

With only FIVE ORBS

I’d like to thank all the users who, on my other thread, suggested me to save for Sonya. Now I can try again for Berkut and Ishtar!

The only problems are the ivs: -hp (seriosuly, almost all my units are -hp) and +def. They are not bad, at least she isn’t -atk or -spd, but I think that for her +def is super useless. Oh well, I found her with 5 orbs, I can’t complain.

So, how should I build her? I have Ophelia, so I guess the classic build LnD/SS2, Special Spiral (I don’t have the skill, but I’ll try to get it in future) and res ploy? I hate AoE specials so I’ll probably give her Luna/Glimmer/Iceberg.

@af1899 @NickofTime80 since they are the Sonya’s experts


Nice! :catwave:

I only free summoned and got Corn, it was disappointing

My first pull was Draug, no green orbs. I was so scared lol. I was lucky


join the spiral club

Me and you both :tooobin:

And nice! Your proposed build is a good one.

There was no green orb in my pull:elisad:

Grazie per la frase in italiano ^^ , dal momento che non l’ho trovata

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Adoro com’è tranquillissima

“Si mi hai appena portato in un mondo diverso ma vabbene”

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Sadly I got all blues :expressionless:

Don’t run Life and Death with Res Ploy and/or Iceberg since it gimps her Res. Life and Death is only better for AoEs or Glimmer, otherwise Swift Sparrow or Fury are much better.

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O anche il fatto che la prima cosa a cui pensa è combattere…

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Non mi pareva non più esser tranquilla. È violenta, no?

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-HP can be useful if you’re trying to pulse her with someone like HF Micaiah or even Ophelia if you’re using something like a res refine for extra damage

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Oh congrats!!, I’m really happy you could get her! :birbpeek:. (In a few moments I’ll be posting my haul on the banner so look forward to it!)

Oh I’m glad to have been of help, good luck getting them! :four_leaf_clover: (as of me I think I’ll try going for PA!Olivia or save for [Bonfire] banner (chance of Idoun!) I have a good time for thinking for this :feh_maethink:)

For now I’ve come up with a budget solution!

Since you’re willing to fod to her [Life and Death 3] we use a special that takes ATK into account (because RES is lowered) like [Dragon Fang] but this’ll need some external support (i. e. [Infantry Rush 3]), alternatively you can give her [Draconic Aura] which is easier to handle… also we give her [Desperation 3] and try to make a speedy approach. [Even Atk Wave 3] is obtainable by F!Delthea but if you don’t want to spend grails or fod you can try another waves skill you have (preferable for the SPD).

And since you have plans of giving her [Special Spiral 3] it works best to give [Death Blow 4], [Heavy Blade 3] seal and a 4CD special (yes I know not an AoE) — we could try [Glacies]


First thing; Congradulations on getting her in such few orbs!!! There is time to fix her IVs if you can.

Second;You could always try the instant iceberg build I use.


You could use Fury 3/Mirror Strike 2 and with some buffs, she can have some strong icebergs. I don’t have a spare special spiral so I make with what I got.

I’ll post my banner results later.


@af1899 @NickofTime80 Thanks to both of you! I’d like to change her ivs but they aren’t too bad, so I’d like to try to get Berkut/Ishtar or save for the next banner. I’m just happy that I got her!

My actual build is this (I used the builder for the flowers)

I’d like to give her DB4 or Mirror Impact, I guess that DB4 is easier to get but I prefer Mirror Impact’s effect. I don’t know if use even atk wave or the res ploy because I’m not sure that she has enough res to ploy people. I’m using darting blow because with this skill and the support of any dancer she can buff enough her spd to double people. And chill res is a placeholder for Special Spiral

Thanks for the advices. I’m having a lot of fun with her


Oh, non ho giocato a SoV , quello che intendevo era che la prima cosa che ti chiede è di combattere

You’re welcome! :birbpeek:.

Yes later she can visit you but consider this banner has a 4% rate for focus units and also 3 people, and that S!Ishtar and S!:feh_rein: can re-appear in some months on a L/M — I try to say that I’d give priority to change of IVs but of course that’s me, you can go for the Soiree units of course! :birbpeek:.

Looks really good!, about the special…

Damage comparison

With: Glimmer

Note: when using [Glacies] I gave Sonya pre-charge so the comparison can be quickly done!

With: Glacies


I’d recommend [Glacies] for general damage but if you use Naga and grant Sonya the [Divine Fang] effect I recommend [Glimmer] then!, [Iceberg] is also strong choice as well!

[Mirror Impact] will prove to be the winning choice! (due to RES+10 and stop follow-ups), yes [Death Blow 4] has extra +2 attack and helps for [Heavy Blade 3] however if you’re not running that then yes you can use [Mirror Impact] and try a lower CD special like [Iceberg] (with the same comparison as above a proc does 60 damage!), [Glimmer] is still pretty good and maybe becomes better with the [Bonus Doubler] status :feh_maethink:

Hmm, since you plan to net her [Mirror Impact] you can give her [Atk Ploy 3] and her RES can be good for it (specially at high merges), that’s if you often face threats with lower RES like The :feh_rein:. I’d take a waves skill that increase ATK or SPD if you’d like to boost it! :birbpeek:

Yes!, she can reach high speed with it and becomes effective on non-AoE builds!, you can also add [Desperation 3] for making use of it and [Chill Res 3] is great on her!

You’re welcome and hope you enjoy her a lot like I do. Oh here’s a heads-up of mine — I’d wait for the video I’ll upload but you can see her now below!



Thank you again! I’ll work on her


Well -HP could be useful for desperation at least. Congrats!

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