I guess Green doesn't like me :/

I got some awesome units from random pulls like Eyvel (+DEF, -RES), Exalted Chrom (+DEF, -SPD), Perceval (+DEF, -HP), Picnic Felicia (+RES/+2), and Peony (+RES, -DEF) in the last few months, but I also got some pretty disappointing ones…mostly from the green pool. I guess I shouldn’t be too bummed out about it though, since some of these units have decent compensation in their assets over their flaws in the end. But still…it could be better, you know? What do you think I should do with these units? Keep them around, or use them for skill inheritance? Let me know what your thoughts are on this one ~

It depends on whether you care about the modes that they are mostly used for, i.e. mythics for AR/mjolnir whatevers and legendaries for Arena/AA/blessed gardens (if they even still exist).

As for Yarne, he has premium fodder in form of atk/spd solo, which so many units want. With that said, he is extremely fun to use imho thanks to his weapon+galeforce combo, so if you are missing a highly mobile offensive unit, he’s a good pick. Also, I wouldn’t underestimate the cavalry effectiveness…it is always nice to be able to counter a whole movement type.

do you mean those you’re showing?
since none of those are anywere near bad


I guess it’s just the ATK bane I’m sorely bummed out about. With a bit of persuasion and good ol’ cheering up from people, I might come around and just deal with it, who knows?

Looking at his stats though, do you think his asset in DEF is salvageable despite having a flaw in ATK? Would it really hold him back in combat? I mean I already got Ranulf (+ATK/+1) as a designated green beast cavalier along with Kaden (+SPD, -DEF) as an alternative, but is Yarne worth having around in your opinion?

wdym, 3 of those don’t even care about a Atk bane and Yarne is awesome fodder

I think he is worth it. With a bit of attack support, he can easily kill two units in a single round of combat without dancer support.
Also keep in mind that his beast cavalry status gives him +2 atk on transformation and -4 def to enemy during combat, which is effectively like giving 4 more attack to Yarne. With atk/spd solo, you have 58 atk before any other buffs or debuffs from external sources, which is enough to kill. The def asset is actually pretty useful. He needs to survive at least one round of combat and more def will help when combined with the -4 atk debuff on enemy during combat thanks to his beast cavalry status.

The other two beasts mentioned have the same cavalry status as well, but I think that Yarne is the best offensive unit out of those three. Kitsune and Ranulf are better supports ofc, so if you are looking for a support green cavalry, then Yarne is not really the choice.

You’re going to want to merge the vast majority of these anyway - at least they are designed to be merged over time. Just be patient and it will even out. Variance on the first copy burned you, but it’s not like these units are bad or useless. Thrasir and Yune are EXCELLENT pulls.

So, I’m essentially fussing over nothing then? That’s a relief. Any good builds for the above units in particular? Maybe I shouldn’t let a bane ruin my enjoyment of a freaking mobile game lol

Congrats for your pulls!.

I’d keep L!Celica, that +SPD is a superboon and her [Saintly Seraphim] helps with damage.
All of Thrasir’s fodder is on the regular pool, might as well include her on your [AR-D] map for the anima season if you’re into [Aether Raids], similarly with Yune.
Yarne has the rare [Atk/Spd Solo 3] you might want to inherit to someone but as it was said he’s also a potent unit with that combo and PRF, keeping him and even merging is also a good idea

You know what? Maybe I’m tripping balls over nothing after all. I could always just work around it with field buffs and seals to compensate their banes, yeah? I do like Yarne for his PRF, as well as the other units, where they make up in a lot of ways I guess lol