I guess I put it off long enough, but building a cool Tellius only ARD

I put it off long enough, saying I’d wait until Ashnard was +10. And well Ashnard is now +10 so…

What would be some cool ideas/combos for an all Tellius ARD? Preferably with Ashnard and Duo Micaiah on it. Six slots are available. There are a few Tellius units I don’t have, mainly a few seasonal ones. Just suggest options and I’ll say merge levels/boons or if I have them. And if I have access for certain skills for them or not.


Does it have to be all Tellius?

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Yes. That’s the whole point.


Like what about 5/6?

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Muh poor brain cells

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What Cavs does Tellius have?

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tellius flyer ball?

green heron, colorless heron, tibs, crow + ashnard and duomic with the new skill on ingrid


It’s probably just easier to think of an option, then I can say if I have them or not again there’s a few seasonal ones I’m missing but do I remember exactly which few off the top of my head? No.

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Do you have S!Lucina Duo Mia

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Yes! Mia’s my favorite character. She’s +2 +atk. (Also +2 dragonflowers) I’m still trying a little for more merges but I just had an off focus Nina show up…

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Ooh I have an idea, I’ll be back in a minute after using braincells.

If I don’t come back I either forgot or am still thinking.


It would feel weird to have an All Tellius flying team and not have +10 Sigrun, she’s just so interestingly bulky with potential access to things like Gilt Fork and Distant Ward.

How about a staff unit with Pain+ and double Savage Blow? You can go with whomever, but I know Summer Rhys would be preferable.

There’s also Halloween Mia, A) she should already have those inherited and learned (Rhys might not cause spent feathers for merges instead). B) She’s +10.

I completely forgot about her!

B!Ike is Tellius right?


I’ve run into Tellius Emblem in tier 27 twice

Why is this actually viable lmao


Do you have a F!Celcia?
Or however you spell it?