I guess... I'm the Nanna guy now?

The OG

The last of the Nanna I merged and unfortunately the weakest. She doesn’t have flowers but 43 Atk at max merge is pitiful. So, she’s relegated to a utility role, mostly healing, getting allies into position and getting herself into position to support allies. If I need a bit of chip damage then she can attack with Serpentine Staff.

The Glow Up

I always said that I was gonna merge our first free flying healer. Still shocked they gave her such an amazing stat spread for a out first free flying healer. She doesn’t have quite as much Atk and Spd but I consider her to baba colorless windsweep Constance, except she blocks magical counters too. I didn’t use an IVcado on her bc I don’t feel like she needs it. Of that changes then she’ll probably be +Spd at some point.

She also has Serpentine Staff with double Savage Blow but I don’t wanna show off two Serpentine Staff units at the same time.

The Supreme

After initially deciding I wouldn’t summer on her banner, I later realized just how good red was on this banner so I went in. Well, the Nanna kept coming and didn’t stop coming. She just kept popping up and before I knew it I was at +8 with a +8 Sigurd and a +6 Lillina as well.

I do plan to give her Atk/Spd Catch or Atk/Spd Solo once I get the fodder for it. Atk/Spd Push is nice but both the other skills give the same amount of boost for no recoil.

She is so much fun to use, absolutely eviscerating everything (except A!Idunn in PvE). She is also my first ever max merged Legendary unit!


That Atk stat went through some big character arc :feh_nannafeels:


An impressive trio, congrats on them all but especially that sword wielding destroyer. She really is nuts.
Out of curiosity, how much did she cost? Just need to know how jealous I should be.


Obligatory “nice” on the last one


I went a bit over budget for her but overall <1000 orbs. Like I said, I was very lucky.


+10 in only triple digits… Mm, jealousy set to ‘intense’ seems appropriate. Literally a third of what my +6 L!Corrin cost.
Still, congrats on her and that luck.


A/S Catch + A/S Menace is just such a powerful combo with her prf–plus the lack of recoil–that I put it on my only +3 copy.

I too was blessed by her constantly showing up, but I was aiming for Lilina merges.

Congrats on your first legendary!

you have to take Arena seriously now tho


Dang, you really gunned for the +10

And in less than 1000 Orbs? That’s insane luck. Congratulations, I’m sure she will serve you well!


Amazing, well done! It might be taboo to ask, but how many orbs?

Disregard, I see now above. Congrats tho

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