I guess the next Feh updates are bigger than usual.......maybe.....?

Was this brought up already?

Something specifically happening within the months of June and September will require improved devices to handle it.
What could this possibly be :feh_eirikathink:
Are the fabled Trio Heroes and and Quad Heroes coming to the game in those respective months?
A new game mode?

Or this is just feh making people suffer if they don’t have a good phonesome fears its the the latter

But fr it can’t just be nothing if they are specifically stating those two months that things will be different

Ehh idk
y’all have any ideas cuz im going back to sleep for a bit


They just wanna make us suffer and cry


Ugh…like I’m not already going to suffer with fgo doing a switch in game engines, now feh is going to require more space too. Guess I’m buying a new phone even though the one I have isn’t even old


They probably are going on the basis ‘if we only have to make sure it works on like the newest os, we wont get bugs every update’

Thats not true but its a theory

Dunno why iphone needs a whole extra gb of ram but android doesnt tho


How fancy would your android have to be in order to still work? I know absolutely zilch about tech lol


Glad I recently got a new phone then.


Im like 80% sure you’ll be fine, just go check your phones software info, android version > 4.4 will be fine
Mines at like 7.0 on phone i got like 4 years ago so unless the phones like 10 years old it should be fine.


It better be cuz I’m poor


lol same


Ok thanks. I was pretty worried this morning lol. I know my phone can’t play pokemon masters and was worried I wouldn’t be able to play feh


Well thank goodness I’m not(at least I dont think) less than 4.6 then


Yeah even my old phone is 7.0 thank goodness


I was a bit worried since my old phone has my second account, and it’s about 4 or 5 years old now. But it has Android version 7.0 so it’ll be fine. Seems like you’d have to be using a super old device for this to matter (at least for Android).


android superiority


I just checked what my phone before that one was,its 6.0

I’d been using that one since like 2011

I think you’d need to be like on a galaxy mini or something to have that low an os


Yeah my old phone is a Galaxy S5 neo, which wasn’t exactly new even when I got it (I think they were on the S6 or S7 already). But my new one is a Galaxy S10, so still fairly new (I’ve had it for almost a year now).


I buy a phone like every 5… 6… years because the battery ends up getting drain so quick and it annoys me when it cant last a day of use so I end up buying a new one mine will be one year old in 2 months so im good it just cost me like 200€ good phones are getting really cheap thanks China…

Oh lol I’m good

It says I’m version 9

These are typical changes of longer running mobile games. It just removes support/compatibility with (really) old devices. Both in support of the ‘RAM’ and OS version. Other games do this too.

For Apple Devices, you can no longer use an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus (and below). 6S is okay. Obviously the higher you go, the safer you will be.

Yeah, thats normal enough, its just kind of odd that apple need a gb more RAM and android apparently doesnt.