I guess they got confuse lol

A bit early for a promotional pack for autumn lol.

Interesting that you can buy it twice though.

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Well… I mean it’s called Fall Festival “Prep” so with August being the final month of summer… is it really being confused… and besides… last November we got a bundle with W.Tharja in it

They messed up the translation, it’s meant to be a preparation, yeah

I wouldn’t blame them if they got confused, 2020 has been a crazy decade so far


In English have other name? I mean I was confused because we are in the middle of summer and H!Mia is a weird choice for this season.

Like I stated it’s a Prep for Fall, and we got Winter Tharja a month before December


W!Tharja was at the end of November immediately before december, this is a full 2 months early

I’m glad they did it now tho inst we if later so I can use the orbs for CYL

Fall starts next month, just because the Halloween banner is in October doesn’t mean Fall starts in October
Dec-Jan-Feb Winter
Mar-Apr-May Spring
Jun-Jul-Aug Summer
Sep-Oct-Nov Fall

Right, how could I talk about the Halloween unit and relate them to the month when Halloween takes place. How silly of me.

Because its called Fall Festival Prep… not Halloween Prep… believe it or not… their are festivals in September

Halloween festivals in September?

That prep means nothing btw. What do we need to prep for?

I mean retail business basically often start selling Christmas stuff before or at Halloween at this point…


Companies are hella dumb with holiday promotions at this point

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Very true

It’s literally called “Prep” 99% of retail stores decorates for Christmas right after Halloween because theirs no real reason to decorate for Thanksgiving

I don’t follow. By that same logic there’s no reason to decorate for Christmas either.

Why would their not be a reason to decorate for Christmas… their literally 3 holiday’s at the end of the year with the next day retail stores tend to decorate for is Valentines Day in February… why would they waste their time putting thanksgiving props up for a month that all you do is eat on the holiday regardless of how important the holiday actually means to the US

This might be a regional thing then bc in my area everyone decorates for all three of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. All only take place for one day but people still decorate. It livens up places after the same decor since Easter.

I’m not saying places don’t celebrate’s all 3 holidays… but from my experience the mass majority of retail stores don’t or hardly bothers decorating for thanksgiving… and even when they do its around mid way through November and a few days after they just replace everything for Christmas decorations