I had a CYL dream

None of it makes sense what the hell. First of all Veronica was an infantry healer wearing the same armor as mamori but it was designed to look like the summoner’s hood. Idk what Micaiah was. Ephriam was a kid and had an inheritable weapon so he was a demote??? And for some reason the trailer wouldn’t reveal the last one. At no point did I think this is fake cuz there’s no three houses unit.




Thinking of the way my orbs would never recover if there was a Sacred Stones themed The Start of it All banner…


Whoah, same! Though my dream technically wasn’t CYL? I dreamt we finally got the second Feh Channel they promised for mid-August, but instead of CYL, they announced two more Pirate banners for some reason and nothing else. :feh_bylethconfused: Dream me was pissed.


I see that SMG4 :feh_arvisboneappetite:


heck yeah when is she being released


talk to Freyr bout that he’ll help you file your complaint


ah, a man of culture I see


Haven’t watch them in a while though.

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Sounds like a nightmare


Anyone else want an SoV version of the Start of it All banner, with Alm, Celica, and the other Ram Villagers as kids, like in the prologue?


Omg I need that.

After reading that :

Don’t do drugs, kids. :feh_birbpeek:


I’m currently replaying SoV and immediately thought of this while doing the prologue. It would be so cool, pleaaase IS

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Yes Yes YES.
I would personally take off Alm and Celica from the banner. I like them, but they already have some alts, while from the others only Faye has another alt.
Even though I would prefer the villagers in their final classes (those you unlock with the dlc), but kids banner is a pretty good idea, as we already have the kids in the SoV game


If we’re talking about having a dream about FEH, while the last double special heroes banner was out, I dreamed about how I am trying to get Doufonse but getting only Ninos. That was indeed a nightmare


I’ve had this recurring dream where I spend all my orbs and regret it later because it was for Heroes I didn’t want
Last night I had a FEH dream kind of like yours, where it was already time for the next Legendary trailer, but instead of a new Legendary, we got “Yune 2.” She was just like the normal Yune, but her art had a pink tint, and her fodder was better. The thought process behind this was that IS decided Yune didn’t accurately represent Yune in Radiant Dawn, and they were worried players would skip Green on Legendary/Mythic banners because Yune’s only premium inheritable skill is Sabotage Res. However, the normal Yune was still in the Legendary/Mythic rotation. At the end of the trailer, they showed Yune 2 on the Mythic chart, and they split Dark/Spd into Yune and Yune 2. Then a lot of people on the FEH Subreddit were salty about not getting a new Legendary, especially fans of lords who don’t have Legendary alts like Claude, and kept trying to convince each other we’d get a second trailer for the real Legendary four hours before the Legendary banner actually came out.


I had a CYL dream about a week ago.
Edelgard had on a costume that looked like Saber from Fates.
Lysithea and Claude didn’t look like Lysithea and Claude.
But the one that I remember the most was Dimitri. I don’t remember what he looked like, all I remember was what his abilities were.
He was a sword unit who could switch color, he could attack one target like five times in one turn without galeforce. His ability slots had skills that looked wierd as they contained an A-Slot that looked like a lightning bolt in a purple circle, a b-slot that I called Wrath Strike, and for some reason Darting Blow 4 in the C-Slot, but the color was a darker green.


Same, I get dreams like this every once in a while. :feh_eirikabulli: The more orbs I save, the more terrifying these nightmares become. Damn you, Triandra.