I hate dragons

This is an understatement, just about every match of AR has a dragon and most of the time I can deal with them, but then when there’s a good setup with a dragon like Idunn I can’t do jack, so who can I use to absolutely devastate ALL dragons (or like, atleast all matchups except colour disadvantage) this person would also have to be able to hold their own against no dragons

Btw I do have ALM (Brave) but no potential
Mergers and sadly no +attack for heavy blade


L!Julia, regular Alm, anyone with dragon effectiveness…


Brave Alm should be able to oneshot Idunn…


Other than L!Tiki, B!Alm destroys dragons with ease (as long as he’s not -ATK), regardless of the enemy’s merge count or his own lack of merges.

Merges don’t matter outside of Arena except for tanks and freaks like Ophelia and Lewyn and Rein.

Brave Eliwood is imo the absolute strongest pick for a playerphase killer


Naga makes anyone a dragon slayer and also increases your score in astra season.

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I WISH I had this “problem” wtf



Alright boys, I just got a ducking IDUNN somehow off of Soire

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Another post about someone hating on Dragon’s what else is new

While im over here with my Oboro not having any problem with them

Brave Alm’s attack is so high that he will kill any dragon regardless of color, even with a neutral Attack IV. If you were able to pull Brave Eliwood then he’s also a fantastic dragon killer for his AR bonus season, plus he can also deal with beast units like Tibarn, Naesala or Caineghis

Also if you’re struggling with dragons I’ve got two words for you: End Turn :thinkinglikelukas:

Literally half of my units have dragon effectiveness
Anyways, B!Alm pretty much one shots everything for me, and Naga is also a great dragonslayer (plus giving other people dragon eff)



I got really lucky with some of my early pulls, so I have a L.Marth and a L.Roy, along with B.Elliwood.

They can be annoying, but between those three and my Silvia I’ve never really had any problems with a Dragon.

Anybody with Falchion. Marth, Marth?, Lucina, Chrom, Alm. You can get Marth? with Grails, I believe, so she’s easy to merge.

speaking from experience, legendary julia annihilates everything that breathes, especially dragons.


All what you’re all saying is mostly true, but remember about one little thing called Sothis who doesn’t have the only drawback all the other dragons have. At least she can’t omni-tank, right?

What’s that? You hate dragons? Sorry, can’t hear you over my Abyssal supertanking.


You forgot everyone’s favorite dad, Garon. :elisad: