I hate Kronya

This is more so about her in FETH. I’m very upset and, suprisingly, sad.

I won’t explain why, because spoilers, but I will enjoy getting rid of her.


Also, Edelgard’s insensitivity and bluntness gets me so upset sometimes, especially in this case.


As shall I.

Distant Guard fodder :ardenwoke:

I know you left FEH, but I’m speaking for myself

And Edelgard… That’s a shame. Can’t say I know what this case is though.

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I’m not there yet, so I’ll just leave this

Why so serious? Let’s put a smile on that face!

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Why did they give her as GHB when she is litteraly on 2 chapters, only one fight and suck this much? Like she isn’t even a vilain we will remember because none of her interaction was cool/memorable outside of Killing Jeralt…
Like they could have made the death knight who is recurent and more memorable…

Answer to opening question

Because fanservice. Also death knight would’ve just been yet another lance cavalier.

I really like that about her actually. But I understand why some people don’t care for it.

While Kronya was kinda disappointing (won’t say more because I’m unsure how far you’ve gotten), I really like her voice acting. Wish her voice actress could do Peri in a Fates patch and heroes update tbh, might make Peri more bearable.


Yeah but Kronya is also another dagger infantry!
And the death knight could have made me build a lance cavalier… I’ve got none so far

Edit : maybe it’ll be another GHB/TT unit … I hope so because I ■■■■■■■ love his design and he is a ■■■■■■■ Badass unit (like his dialogues in FE3H). Like a second Walhart !

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At least she has Distant Guard (as a 4* skill) in FEH so you can fodder her off without a second thought.

but you quit so I’ll do it for you

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Same here, I had some hype to use her in feh, then the game happened and that hype is replaced with anger.

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I’m still going to use Kronya honestly

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She was very disappointing. It says a lot about you when you’re less interesting than Fates villains.


I definitely feel that kronya was pigeonholed quite hard. That is, she was made to fulfill a purpose, not to be a good villain. Shes got stiff competition in the villain department anyways.

Kinda spoilers?

Everything considered, having her be Monica was really dumb. Like how the hell did anyone believe that a girl was just… living in the basement. For a year. Without ever going outside. And went unseen in a basement that many people frequent, especially for holidays. Major stupid holes where kronya is concerned.


Well, GHB units don’t have to be villains, but she’s clearly supposed to be one. I just don’t get why she existed for all of two seconds just to get killed off. They could’ve given her something, anything, to make her interesting but instead they make her one of the worst underdeveloped characters in the entire franchise. She made Peri look good in comparison to her. Peri.

Maybe spoilers, maybe not, I don’t know

Just gonna shout everyone out that thought she’d be a good character, because I dare you to name a more boring villain, and a less obvious one

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Brigand Boss. :3

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How so?

Are you talking about it general? Because isn’t she really understanding about the death of Jeralt and promises to get revenge for you no matter the cost though? I’m only almost done with the GD route though, so maybe she acts differently in other routes?

She’s the same in BE. It’s really only the blue lion route that everyone saying this.

Ah, then I’ll watch for that in my BL playthrough then. That’s rather interesting.

She could’ve been a really good villain I think. I was actually kinda excited to see what would happen with her.


Part of me thought that you would be given the choice to save her. I was a little disappointed that no such choice was given.

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Considering she killed Jeralt, I don’t really think they should’ve made a choice